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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Red Rain, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. Anybody here into racing, auto racing in particular?

    Going fast is a thrill and it beats being late for work because some n*thugger is afraid to drive.

    Fearful drivers are lame and should have their licenses revoked.

    Cross country, inner city, long stretches of road. Non-alcoholic of course.

    Personal stories are welcome.
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  2. I've never personaly taken part in one
    But, I've always enjoyed watching Auto Raceing.
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  3. Eurobeat is lit.
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  4. Dude is racing a cop. Both on motorcycles. I had to rack this one.
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  5. Awsome!
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  6. Love watching nascar. I've got a whole thread on this season. It may seem weird that I recap a lot of the races, and I started to feel kinda stupid at one point for doing it. But I just said screw it and started again. But I'm doing much shorter posts the past couple recaps.

    It just captivates me. The speed and close proximity to one another. They are literally risking their lives every time the strap in those cars. No matter how safe they've become, they are still 200mph deadly weapons.
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  7. I do Like watching Drag Racing though
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