Racist Atheists seek to demonize young Muslim arrested for Clock

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Deeznutz, Sep 29, 2015.

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  2. Bill Maher is a dumbass.
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    Bill Maher's key to success: Make fun of Muslims, their ideology, antagonize Muslims who get attention, consistently mock them and then wonder why they feel they're miss treated.
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  4. Such douche bags. Atheists that act this way are just like all other religions minus the believing part... Which only makes them less sympathetic and bigger assholes.
  5. This was the last drop for me, as far as these two go. I think Dawkins is brilliant as a scientist and I like Maher as a thorn on the side of the republicans. But I will not give any credence to their views on islam or muslims again. I have a lot to say about the doctrine, don't get me wrong, but advocating for blatant racial profiling of a child is a line that should never be crossed.
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  6. Anything Sarah Palin says shouldn't be taken all so seriously, however i did hear her statements regarding the fact that even though it was proven to be a clock, she still believes it was a bomb. This woman in general is so infuriating, and anyone who is stupid enough to jump on her wagon of ignorance is just as pathetic.

    For crying out loud. Leave the kid alone.
  7. Sarah Palin wouldn't be so bad if... Sarah Palin wasn't Sarah Palin. (Pointless comment but you get the point)
  8. Sarah Palin is a MILF
  9. ^ For an older gal, she is attractive, until she opens her mouth.
  10. I love her eyes. They watch Russia for me.

  11. Richard Dawkins was recently de-platformed by an Atheist organizations. His stupidity is finally catching up to him.
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