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  1. What a guy. Wins ANOTHER French Open, defeating fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. As a Spaniard myself, I obviously marked, but this is genuinely amazing enough to warrant a thread considering Nadal's knee injury. Someone who missed SO much tennis has come back and is now on top again, and having to play a final after that gruesome semi-final with Novak was incredible.

    Congratulations, Rafael Nadal.
  2. As a Swiss superman if like to say well done Rafa.
  3. Congrats Rafa but this could be done during Madrid Mutua Open. I know Roland Garros is more pouplar than Madrid Open but Nadal had a better match against Ferrer than this match...
  4. Hahaha cayo says he's a spaniard. :stfu: mudblood

    Now on topic, the guy is great but federer>Rafa
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  5. :haha: Keep dreaming. Federer is only great in Wimbledon while Nadal is great in almost every single tournament
  6. Yeah fuck you Crayo you fake Spaniard. Also I prefer Rafa to Rodger (first name terms with them both, deal wid it Dolan) Rodger is a great and was unstoppable a few years ago but Rafa is so goddamn powerful its scary.
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  7. Yeah. But Rodger got Swaaag
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  8. Any man who pulls off white shorts is a boss tbf.
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  9. Roger was the best but then Nadal started growing as a professional tennis player and Roger now is Nadal's heel
  10. #RodrigoPosts

    I heard Madrid signed Nadal.
  11. Madrid didn't sign Nadal but Nadal's a great fan of Real Madrid.

  12. So much gimmick Spanish.

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  14. noob
  15. Mudblood
  16. That's what we are :henry:
  17. That's what we do! :henry:
  18. Paella pastie?
  19. Paella, then a nap and after that, don't doing anything!
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