Rain's Mid-Season Awards.

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  1. Jericho vs Punk at ER

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  2. Undertaker vs Triple H

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  3. Punk vs Daniel Bryan

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  4. Other

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  1. -Best Match of the Year: Styles and Angle vs Daniels and Kazarian: This thing was crazy. Non-stop action, edge of your seat excitement, this was all the chaos you want in a tag match. (WWE), I'd almost call it a 3-way tie between Taker/Triple H, Punk/Jericho at ER, and Bryan/Punk, each being great in it's own little way. I'll let you guys vote.

    -Best Feud of the Year: Joseph Park vs Bully Ray. These guys get consistent screentime every week and really make you look forward to Impact, and despite the obvious limitation of Abyss playing a different character, that really makes you wonder how they'll pay this thing off. (WWE) Chris Jericho vs CM Punk. Jericho was able to get some momentum on TV and always outshined Punk, and he was the favorite at 'Mania. If they had booked Jericho as a legit threat in the ring instead of having him booked like a has-been, this would have made a star out of Punk.

    -Best Segment of the Year: John Cena Addresses the loss to the Rock, then Brock Lesnar Appears and F-5's him. Even with all of us knowing about it, it didn't really affect us one bit. This was amazing. (TNA) Anything involving Bully Ray and Joseph Park. These guys are gold.

    -Biggest Surprise: The Rock winning clean at Wrestlemania. At the time, we all figured SuperCena will come out on top, so the Rock was the clear underdog. At the time, this set up an interesting angle, but despite WWE pissing it away it was great while it lasted. (TNA) Not many big shocking moments for TNA this year, but it was great to see a really good tag-team out of Joe and Magnus. Great to see those two getting screen time.

    -Best PPV: Slammiversary. 2 MOTY contenders and a whole bunch of other good matches. (WWE) Extreme Rules. While the end was dreadful, weren't we all marking out for that entire show?

    -Biggest Future Star: Move over, AJ Styles, even longtime TNA Marks now know the top face of Impact should be Austin Aries. (WWE) Cody Rhodes showed a boatload of potential earlier in the year, but it's really becoming painful to see them waste their time with Dolph Ziggler. Every fan, no matter how casual, knows this guy should be WAY past where he is right now. This is embarassing.

    -Best Wrestler of the Year: Oh, so many... When you factor in him being booked like a chump so often, the amount of good heat and IWC love Bobby Roode has maintained is freaking brilliant. Roode's been really good in the ring, dominant on the mic, and just the aura of arrogance he comes out with makes him an amazing heel. (WWE) In an era where heels are weak and babyfaces always go over in the same boring way, it's rare to see someone get to the ME Scene and not have their character crushed... Daniel Bryan's put in awesome work this year, merging his technical abilities and fast-paced offense with the WWE story-telling style, and made it work to perfection. His mic segments have been entertaining as hell, and it only took one word to get him over...
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    Good read :emoji_slight_smile: I voted for CM punk vs Bryan in the poll :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I agree on the WWE part, can't say much about TNA because I started watching Impact when they went live. Voted for HHH vs Taker because I was marking throughout the entire match, being a HHH fan. But the other two matches were pretty great, the ending for Bryan vs Punk was also an intelligent way to put Bryan over.
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