Rain's watching Impact and copying Stopspot's threads.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Stopspot (+rep him if you can) does his "150 thoughts on Smackdown" thing. This is my "Probably Closer to 500 thoughts on Impact", coming to you via the youtubes since I was gone visiting friends last night

    -"Previously on Impact: Clair dropped a bombshell that rocked AJ Styles's world": It's only been 8 seconds and this show's already a 0/10
    -Kelly Kelly is jealous of that botched first impression
    -This storyline has gotten to the point where it's just comical
    -Sting's the new GM? Wonderful, That's the perfect way to use him
    -He's in Crow mode too. Good
    -Aries is out, and it's all about Aces and Eights
    -I still don't care about it, probably because TNA does this every year
    -It's not like Eric Bischoff can book anything else
    -Then Angle comes out, this seems familiar
    -Roode, ya know, because he deserves his own bullet
    -Teddy Long announces a tag team match for later. Playa.
    -Roode says that Storm's the leader of Aces and Eights... I have a hunch about this, not sure, but I'll spoil it just in case
    Show Spoiler
    It's not James Storm

    -Babyface Storm attacks Roode from behind... I love this. Storm's acting like a human being should. +1 for that alone
    -This doesn't feel the same without Roode being champ
    -Are they seriously acting like Chavo Guerrero is a star? The dude just lost a feud to Hornswoggle! Casuals are loling hard at you
    -The best woman's wrestler in the world is tagging with a now-comic relief character
    -YAY TARA'S BACK! So is Mickie.
    -It's a lot of fun watching Gail, Tara, and Mickie wrestle. These three should be competing every week. Good match.
    -Fuck, spoke too soon, Madison was tagged in. Match sucks now
    -Didn't really catch that, did Taz just say that there will be a fatal-4-way #1 contenders' match next week?
    -I love Tara's moveset, hate her new ring attire, but love how revealing it is
    -Madison remembered her panties this time
    -TNA Knockouts not only give you wrestling ability, but leg-scissoring too!
    -What the fuck was that finish? Rewatching
    -Still can't tell
    -Oh, so it's a crooked referee angle. God dammit.
    -Velvet Sky just quit, so congrats to Madison Rayne for being the worst knockout TNA has.
    -Wait, so THIS was the #1 contenders match? GREAT JOB TAZ AND TENAY! Jackasses
    -Gail Kim couldn't carry Maddie to a good match, what makes you think Tessmacher can?
    -This would be so much better if Winter was doing it. Bring her back already
    -The cameraman is chasing down Roode. Live TV that feels live. TNA > WWE
    -Bully Ray making a Chavo segment awesome. Pretty sure he can make the AJ/Claire crap good.
    -So they're doing two weeks of Open Fight Night now? One week of callouts and another of the bonus stuff? Great idea
    -Gut Check time. Sam Shaw gets Douglas Williams? Lucky him.
    -Guy doesn't look too bad, but nothing special
    -Yeah, Smack Al Snow like the bitch he is!
    -Rolling Chaos Theory, such an awesome finisher.
    -Can Doug Williams get in shape and get back on TV?
    -That wasn't enough of a showcase of Shaw, not even close. 3 minutes?
    -Aries is trying to find an opponent from Ion? Not sure if this is more Aries TV time, or just more pointless shit
    -Get Dakota Darsow and Rashad Cameron off my TV
    -"Rashad Bowel Movement" lolololol
    -Here's Chavo. He's still not a star
    -And, they're throwing the unused Kash and the jobber Gunner at him? Wow.
    -Not a bad promo from the guy, bad content imo. Kid Kash's heel work certainly helped.
    -Hernandez botched jumping in the ring, then botched a clothesline. Rob Terry is in awe of this guy
    -Mexican America 2.0, or LAX 3.0?
    -Al Snow is pissed! "JACKASSES HAD TO GET IN THE WAY!"
    -Decision is later? That's fine
    -Claire recap! :lol1::upset::dafuq::haha::finger: My emotions are just conflicted, not sure if morbidly amused or just pissed off
    -Styles vs Storm? Come on TNA, you can't screw this up.
    -Claire's in the audience... never mind, they screwed it up
    -Trying to pay attention, but after telegraphing a BS finish it's really hard
    -It's also hard not to because, well, AJ Styles and James Storm
    -AJ's offense always looks incredibly real
    -Eye of the Storm! Haven't seen that in forever! Will we see a Spiral Tap?
    -This kinda feels like a Punk/Bryan match. Not anything groundbreaking, the moves are mostly predictable, but damn this is good.
    -Last Call! Sidestep! Pele'! Marking like crazy! Amazing match
    -Aces and Eights... :facepalm1: Fuck's sake. That couldn't be a bigger anti-climax if they tried
    -Then again, Claire was at ringside, so it actually could have been worse
    -Nobody buys that James Storm is the guy behind this
    -Storm attacked the interviewer! Human beings ftw
    -"You know, Sam, because of that jackass I couldn't see what you did tonight, but I'd love nothing more than to stick it up that punk Joey Ryan's ass and say yes" :lol1: But he said no for no reason
    -Shaw stole his promo from Joey Ryan's Youtube page.
    -He got the contract, so I guess he'll join Taelor Hendricks and Alex Silva on their collective couches.
    -Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King, Zema Ion, Doug Williams, Kazarian, Kid Kash, Sabin, Sorenson... The X-Division is looking pretty good right now.
    -Kenny King gets the shot, and the process of getting there made sense. Thanks for starting to get your heads out of your asses with this.
    -Now go all the way and cut it down to one segment or have a Fatal-4-way
    -To the idiots who don't say that cruiserweights can get over, I give you Ion and King. So much star power
    -Is it just me, or does this same ref get all the Ion and EY matches?
    -I take back everything bad I said about King, this guy's fucking awesome.
    -I'd love to say more about this match but can't take my eyes off of it
    -Bobby Roode? Why? This show feels Russo-booked
    -Interference for no reason, a pointless swerve with Storm, a crooked referee angle, a faction storyline, matches being too short...
    -"You get opportunities, the It Factor takes them away"
    -This doesn't really advance the feud tbh
    -They should get a second show just for Bully Ray to rant for 2 hours
    -Ion and Roode vs Aries and King? inb4acesandeightsruinthat
    -Now give us the real finish on PPV please
    -Oh, so the AJ/Storm match counted as a double DQ and 2 points for both?
    -That doesn't even make sense. Wouldn't that be a -10 for both?
    -Bully seemed impossible to have a technical match against, but dammit, Kurt Angle can do it
    -A piledriver? Shocking
    -Angle always kicks out of finishers, but his finishers aren't effective either. It always leads to an unpredictable finish.
    -WHAT AN ANGLE SLAM! And Bully kicked out. Called it.
    -Surprised by the match quality, and the clean finish.
    -Le Obligatory Aces and Eights Appear
    -I still don't care
    -Tenay keeps saying that someone is letting them in... maybe they're letting Joey Ryan in too?
    -Like how Aces and Eights are playing along with James Storm. Nice psychology setting up a fall guy like that.
    -Angle vs Storm next week? Cool.
    -It's hard to feel optimistic though, I can't help but feel that Aces and Eights will interfere.

    +1 for AJ/Storm
    +1 for Ion/King
    +1 for Bully/Angle
    +1 for TNA's booking of wrestlers like they're real people
    -2 for all the Russo crap
    -2 for overexposure of Aces and Eights
    -1 for no Joseph Park or (to a lesser extent) Devon
    -1 for Taz and Tenay's ineptitude
  2. this reminded my that i havent watched impact lol i will read later
  3. I'm not huge on this format of review/commentary, but I read through anyway. I feel you (and others) are being a little tough on this ep. Am I a fan of Claire (I block that shit out at this point), Sam Shaw/Gut check, or Aces and Eights? Can't say that I am. But I still enjoyed the ep in spite of those things.

    The show still had a lot of good things happening. Not a fan of Aces and Eights, but the opening promo was still great. Sting was good, Aries was of course great, Angle was good, and Roode/Storm was awesome, especially Roode's promo. While I'm not a fan of Aces and Eights, I am a fan of Roode trying to pin Storm as the leader.. I'm thinking they'll do an angle to make it seem obvious Storm is the leader and then swerve. Anyhow, good opener.

    KO's tag. If I could choose 4 KO's to see in a match it would probably be those 4. Good tag match IMO, and I can't help but lmao @ the Maddie/Hebner storyline. It's over the top ridiculous, but that's not always a terrible thing in wrestling.

    Aries being put in charge as the man deciding who gets the X Division title shot produced some greatness, and also allowed Ion, Dutt, and my man King some air time.


    Joey Ryan appearing of course is a positive, and him decking Snow was great.

    I was pretty neutral on Chavo vs Arm sleeves tattoo alliance until Hernandez got involved.. then I turned on it. Why is it TNA's one goal in life to try and see how many different Mexican partners they can team Super Mex up with?

    And to top it off we got THREE amazing TV matches, two of which were borderline PPV quality matches. Storm/Styles was great, the Main Event was great, and the X Division title match was awesome, and set up a must see tag team match for next week. Sure, it's a shame Aces and Eights appeared at the end of two of these matches, but oh well.

    6.5/10 IMO. Show had a nice flow to it, every segment was where it should have been, and it entertained me for the most part.
  4. ^^ All of this. Said much more eloquently than my quick, on the fly, one sentence comments while watching the show.

    However, -1 for Ion's hairspray....just because.
  5. I really liked this episode :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. That's 3/10 :emoji_wink:
  7. :lol1: Indeed, your math is incorrect Draine.
  8. Rain why aren't you in NWO yet you noob
  9. After thinking about it a lot, I'd go up to a 7. The Aces and Eights thing is pretty painful to an extent, but maybe that storyline will pick up. The Roode thing was done to not give away a PPV finish, and those three matches were amazing. And after watching Superstars (Every match disappointing and 20 MINUTES of Raw Recaps) it gave me a new appreciation of this show and I was too harsh on it anyway, the main thing I remembered afterwards was match quality.

    Wasn't too sure what to grade it anyway tbh, so I used the ratings part as another way to dig on Taz and Tenay's suckdom
    Not incorrect math, forgotten pluses.
    +1 for Joey Ryan and Al Snow's amazing reactions :lol1:

    Because of my lack of interest in joining all these noob groups, I had no idea how to join one and had to PM Aids about it. I just now submitted the application :/
  10. TNA > WWE
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