Rain's watching Impact and trying a new review style

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. So... it's 4:27 AM. And anyone in their right mind would have gone to bed, but I'm up here watching Impact, brought to you by the wonderful WebX (+Rep him if you can)... And instead of giving my thoughts as I watched the show (I did on Notepad but I wrote so much that there was no way any of you would read it). So, I'll just give my thoughts on each little storyline...

    Aries and Roode
    They basically gave the whole match away here, and it was awesome. However, after seeing the PPV Poster, they'll probably bill it as "Hey, you know that awesome match you saw on Impact? Well, now you can get the EXTREME version for only 34.95!" Will it work? Who knows.

    Bully Ray and Joseph Park
    I'm not sure if I like the feud itself, but the people in it can't be any better. Please, TNA, keep Joseph Park around in one way or another, that guy's awesome! He had a backstage promo with Baby Bischoff and it was really good! I really hate Devon for wasting Bully's time for so long. Man, he is gold. He's clearly the best character in all of Impact (sorry, Roode and Aries). Magnus and Bully had the clear match of the night because Bully is a heat machine and knows how to use it. Magnus has never been a bigger star than he is right now, and he lost!

    TNA signs Chavo
    Why is TNA hyping him up like a big deal? Last time casual fans saw him he was losing to Hornswoggle and jobbing to Yoshi Tatsu. He's one of the biggest jobbers on the planet, not a big deal! This is just embarassing in the casuals' eyes.

    Hey, look, Eric Young's back!

    Open Fight Night
    End this. Like that you are trying new things, but what's the point in continuing this?

    This Claire Lynch Crap
    Really nothing to say here that hasn't already been said, oddly enough I like soap opera storylines in wrestling and really liked this one... but then Claire happened and the angle died faster than the Penn State football program. Coming into tonight I was still kinda enjoying this because of AJ's scripts where he just wanted this shit to end for all the right reasons, and Daniels just being an awesome sarcastic asshole... Well, this week AJ has a reason to be part of this storyline again, so it'll definitely be continuing for a while.

    And if this storyline was getting over, the crowd wouldn't be chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" the entire time. Just saying.

    The BFG Series
    First off... there aren't that many clear-cut faces and clear cut heels, and it doesn't really matter because the wrestlers are willing to fight anyone and team up with anyone. THANK YOU TNA, THANK YOU PRITCHARD. I love that so much. It's so refreshing to get away from WWE's outdated "It must be face vs heel hurr hurr hurr" mindset that's pissing me off. Secondly, 4th and 6th are separated by 4 points, 3rd and 6th 8, and even Rob Van Dam can jump in the top 4 by picking up 2 wins in a week just like Daniels did this week. So much drama here, and so much simplistic, logical storytelling. Anyone who thinks Russo is there is clearly wrong.

    The weekly TV Title defense
    What happened to this?

    Aces And Eights
    Never mind. Nothing says TNA like this huge faction that takes up the entire show and buries everyone around... And we have NO REASON TO CARE. Coming into the show, I felt like this thing was so underwhelming... They attacked Sting and Hogan, well who hasn't!?!? They've been cheapshotted and beaten down so often over the years that they're probably used to it.

    It's definitely Jeff Jarrett coming back, nobody else would use their backstage pull to make their faction seem so overpoweringly important without a reason to give a fuck. It's not a coincidence that the show really improved after he left. If Jeff Jarrett's back, I'm not watching until he's gone. It's that simple, and I'm dead serious.

    The Madison Rayne-Earl Hebner Stuff
    +5 likes and +5 rep for anyone who comes up with the best Montreal Screwjob joke. Only the first 5 entries will be counted.
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  2. Don't disagree with anything besides your butt-hurtness about JJ.
  3. Nice review :jericho:
  4. Agree with almost everything except Jeff Jarrett and the AJ Styles storyline.

    If Jeff Jarrett does return which I hope he doesn't, I'll just skip his segments unless he is actually entertaining for once in his life...
  5. ^Probably this. It's just painful to think of how wonderful the product has become, and how much this boring fuck coming back and hogging the spotlight will really hurt it. If Karen comes back too... Oh lord.

    If JJ is in a small segment in the middle of the show, that's fine. But that's not how Jarrett operates... then again that's not how Hogan operates either and everything he's done recently has been fine. Lets hope TNA can keep the guy in check.

    Or, they can bring back Steiner instead.

    And this review-thing was dreadful, lol
  6. Maybe it was just wishful thinking but the dude attacking angle sounded like Steiner IMO.
  7. That was a very good review Rainman, It helped me catch up with TNA since I missed it this week.
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