R'Albin's BETTER 5-point Raw Preview!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Aug 6, 2012.

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    ‘I can’t get no respect around here’

    Sure, WWE.com used this expression with relation To CM Punk’s current character first, but R’Albin echoed it with appropriate quotation marks today.

    CM Punk last week anally raped the paedophile – sorry – I mean commentator that works for Monday Night Raw: Jerry Lawler. Punk rightfully pointed out that the WWE championship should be the focal point of the show, with Lawler retorting with his usual corny jokes which can only be described as juvenile.

    Punk’s grievances were epitomized at the latter stages of Raw where AJ Lee sent us all into depression with the announcement that CM Punk would be facing Big slow and John Cenanuff in the main event of Summerslam – thus stealing the spotlight from the WWE champion again.

    Will Punk and more importantly the WWE title gain the spotlight they deserve? I ask this along with many other meaningless questions in R’Albin’s BETTER 5-point Raw preview.


    Will Daniel Bryan be given anything other than shit to work with?

    He probably won’t. Still though, I will be thoroughly entertained by his segments still and they will continue to be one of the highlights of the show. It shows just how talented the man is and yet, the buffoons in charge continue to ignore him because of their silly little agendas.
    So, will our newfound “No!” man say anything else to the “WWE Universe”? Will anger management therapist Kane insert his old useless ass into another one of D-Bry’s segments?


    Will the US Championship be buried even more this week?

    A question that isn’t on many people’s minds, however I shall continue expressing my opinion on the matter anyway. Will Santino’s US championship be buried even more this week on Raw? Last week Alberto Del Rio was given the task of making sure all credibility for the title was lost and – if Santino hasn’t achieved that already – he did a mighty fine job.

    This also begs the questions: Will the “Mexican Aristocrat” be forced
    to compete by new GM AJ Lee tonight? And does anyone actually care?


    Randy Orton kills momentum again, but who’s this week?

    Last week Randy Orton returned to Raw greeted with much apathy from anyone above the age of 7. On Friday Night Smackdown Boreton decided that he fancied burying Alberto Del Rio – the guy who has been built up for weeks – so we head into tonight’s Raw on the edge of our seats wondering, who will he bury this week?


    Will A.W appear after his awesome remark last week?

    Before I go on here’s a fact devoid of any fun: Prime Time Playas have beaten Little Boom twice in consecutive singles matches on Raw and Smackdown. Now obviously they’re gonna get a title shot at Summerslam but let’s be honest, not one single fuck is given. All we really care is what’s gonna happen to A.W after his awesome remark last week. Will he appear? Will he be terrified of saying anything?


    (Vickie I think he's losing his touch :umad:)

    R’Albin proves that his review is better by adding a mention to Ziggler fueding with Jeritroll, will they have another generic tag match this week?

    Let’s be honest, only Jericho and Ziggler could have me this interested in a fued that has consisted of one relatively short promo and tag matches. We all hope that they’re gonna get some proper promo time on Raw but will they? Or will Raw continue to waste valuable time shoving Sheymoose down our throats, pushing Big Show and showing endless recaps of the Triple H vs Brock Lesnar fued? Tune it tonight to find out!

    Now I realise that this thread is the definition of pointless, but I’m just proving that that whore Botty is a complete and utter waste of space.
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  2. This is absolute gold. Botty still remains though.
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  3. Damn. :pity: I was hoping this would be a new weekly forum feature.
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    Too much effort lmao. Oh and :yay:
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  6. 1. He'll be given more shit about being angry, probably this time at AJ instead of the doctor. Maybe she'll reveal she hired Kane as his counselor (makes just as much sense as her being named GM) and the match is on from there. But damn... Daniel Bryan's WWE's Christopher Daniels. They just can't write a good storyline for the guy, yet he's doing all he can to make sure at least his part is entertaining.

    2. Nobody cares about either.

    3. If it's done for a good reason like adding him to the WHC match for Summerslam, not going over anyone who they need to push, etc, then I'm fine with it. But so many heels need all the momentum they can get, and Orton going over Heath Slater again in impressive enough fashion to grant him a title shot... gtfo with that shit.

    4. Yes, if they didn't take him off Smackdown (even though Vince doesn't care about SD)

    5. That's WWE's way of advancing a feud so of course they will, even though it won't do anything productive.

    6. Nobody gives half a fuck about that bot, there's no reason to keep that thing around unless you are seriously entertained by the Botty/Vince/Hannah love triangle.
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