Rampage & Tito Temporarily Written Out of TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. During the Hogan and Dixie backstage segment, Dixie mentioned Spike and Bellator attorneys banning Rampage and Tito from appearing on the show because of whats happened between them the past couple weeks.

    In reality, they're training for their Nov. 2nd PPV fight.

    So, they'll be back, but lets celebrate for now.

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  2. The wrestling gods answered our prayers:woo:
  3. :awyeah:
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  4. Bully will have lost his title and his rematch by the time Tito really even gets back around. Great angle, TNA. At least they are gone for now, neither one talked Rampage only suffered because Sting and Angle went on 2+ minute rants "in conversation" repeating the same shit over and over again.

    I doubt either one really returns, as much as the winner comes out to do some random shit. Hell, i wouldnt even be surprised if neither showed up again.
  5. WGAF really?

    What a complete waste of TV time both were, especially the spots where Ortiz' shadow did all the talking beforehand.

    Rampage and Ortiz brought zilch to the screen. Neither one interested me in the least. And knowing they wouldn't do anything in TNA for fear of injury, was a distraction.

    Good riddance.
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  6. I was so happy when I heard this during Dixie's segment. If only they would stay away permanently...
  7. IMO they are gone for good. They got no pop, neither were part of any major story, and neither will be missed by TNA fans. Plus their fight isn't until mid Nov? Who will remember or want them back in almost 3 months, and for what?

    Go back and watch Ortiz' debut. The place was silent because nobody knew who he was. I don't watch MMA, so I was like who the f is this guy. Only until Tenay said his name did I recognize him.

    I think the whole thing was a commercial/promo for their Bellator fight. Once the brass figured out nobody gave a shit, they "pulled the plug" like nothing ever happened.
  8. They were, unfortunately. Rampage was part of MEM, and Tito was big part of a Bully-Sabin title change at Hardcore Justice.
  9. Your right. I should have said they both played very forgetable parts. Tiny blips on the overall radar.
    Ortiz handing Bully the hammer over shadows anything Rampage did, and that ain't saying much.

    On a side note, how BAD was Sabah as champ? :douchechills: evedygkme he grabbed the mic
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