Rampage vs. Tito Cancelled

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  1. As mentioned earlier, Tito Ortiz has suffered a fractured neck and his upcoming bout with Quinton Jackson has been cancelled until a future date.

    With that being announced, the Bellator 106 card will now be moving from pay-per-view to a four hour special on Spike TV, with Michael Chandler versus Eddie Alvarez now in the main event. Bellator 106 takes place on November 2nd from the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California with Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez headlining.

    No word on the future status of Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson in TNA.

  2. hilarious the dude has a broken neck, right.

    fights are cancelled all the time, rough sport. I fail to see what is funny about it
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  3. Shame he has broke his neck but at least he wont be in TNA for a while.
  4. Lmao, Tito broke his ne- NOPE! Still not funny.
  5. Chandler is a dope fighter. Dana is probably jerking off to this and making neanderthal jokes. Tito has previous with his neck doesn't he?
  6. So Tito has a fractured Neck, I guess we won't see that fight of guys on their last legs till probably what next year not sure about the rehab time to get back to health?
  7. At least we won`t see Tito for weeks...
  8. My "lmao" comment in the thread title wasn't because of the injury, I'm not that cruel; it was rather because it got much hype on TNA TV, and Bellator too, and now it gets cancelled.

    More of an ironic "lmao", but whatever. Take it how you wanna take it.
  9. Yes, but, under the circumstances, it's pretty cruel.
  10. No one get guarantee me that this isn't maybe a cover story, another reason I put "lmao".

    Last week, this arena sold just around 1700 tickets, which is like really poor. And they (Bellator officials) can already judge how many approximately PPV buys are going to have by the orders the providers got, and if they were that low too... Maybe they thought to themselves, why lose money?

    This is just me thinking loud, I'm not saying Tito isn't injured.
  11. It could be.
  12. No word on Tito and Rampage in TNA? Actually I believe Rampage will be there occasionally but Tito can get the fuck out! At least Rampage would like to be a part of the Wrestling industry when his MMA career is over.
  13. Not everyone can be Kurt Angle.
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  14. I can drive under influence. Then they'll arrest me and I'll have to go to rehab and then I'll say "NO! NO! NO!"
  15. Can't say I'm disappointed it was cancelled. Hopefully he recovers from his injury, but I wasn't looking forward to the match anyway.
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