Random Christma"s" Nickname (lol oops)

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  1. What's your random Christmas nickname?

    Color shirt you are wearing
    Black: The
    White: Sir
    Red: Mr.
    Orange: Jr.
    Yellow: Mamma
    Green: Papa
    Blue: Daddy
    Purple: Grandma
    Pink: Mrs.
    Grey: Bro
    Brown: Grandpa

    Month you were born
    January: Jolly
    February: Sparkle
    March: Nog
    April: Red
    May: Tree
    June: Reindeer
    July: Mistletoe
    August: Log
    September: Green
    October: Holly
    November: Star
    December: Christmas

    Color of your eyes

    Brown: Singer
    Honey Brown: Dancer
    Dark Blue: Wrapper
    Light Blue: Giver
    Grey: Lighter
    Hazel: Decorator
    Green: Baker

    Mine is: The Sparkle Baker lol :maybe:
  2. Random Christman Nickname

    Sir Nog Singer!
  3. RE: Random Christman Nickname

    The title of this read says "Christman". I was like wtf is a christman.

    But I'm The Green Singer, lmao.
  4. Random Christman Nickname

    Daddy Long Singer
  5. RE: Random Christman Nickname

    You mean "Log"? :pity::dawg:
  6. RE: Random Christman Nickname

    Looks like I picked a whole bouquet of whoops-a-daisies. LOL

    I fixed it though. :obama:
  7. Daddy Reindeer baker
  8. :mog: He's a f'ing reindeer baker!
  9. LOL no idea what that is but sounds gnarly
  10. Mr. Tree Baker :otunga: #IfYouKnowWhatIMean
  11. I always wondered what happened to Rudulph's nose... Now I know it got to close to your oven! :dawg:
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  12. RE: Random Christman Nickname

  13. RE: Random Christman Nickname

    So you're Daddy LOG Singer?... :dawg::lol1::haha:
  14. RE: Random Christman Nickname

  15. Bro Star Baker . . . I hate these things.
  16. Say's Dr. Cox
  17. The Reindeer Decorator -_-
  18. I know you don't do drugs so you must just be high on life right now lol
  19. Well my eyes are green so I have Bro Mistletoe baker. They could arguably be blue though so I'll go with Bro Mistletoe Wrapper cos it's awesome.
  20. Sir Red Giver. Wtf lol.
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