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  1. Anyone been to Scala in London for a gig? If so what is it like as a venue? Just booked to see a band and never been to this venue.
  2. Went there like a month ago to see a band, It was a good venue. it was a fair size it does pack a lot of people in. There is a barricade between you and the act but that is most venues theses days. Defo one of the best venues I have been to.
  3. Cheers mate. From Manchester so only been to a few gigs in London and all at the Royal Albert Hall. Was just intrigued. I'm flying solo as well so like to know about these places a bit before I venture out.
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  4. No problem mate, been getting back into seeing bands since late last year, seen a couple of gigs this year and have another one next Wednesday. Scala is a nice looking building, interior is pretty good. Never been to the Royal Albert hall though, looks impressive. Who did you see there?
  5. Foals were the main band I saw a couple of years back. Before that it was years ago so not entirely sure. That's a great venue standing as the crowd surrounds you and the band are right in front of you. Yeah I go to loads up here as it's cheap as chips at a few venues, talking 5 quid etc...
  6. I saw Foals like seven years ago or something,was around the time Blur done there comeback tour and I saw Foals support them at Hyde Park with a few other acts. I enjoyed them and I checked out their debut and really thought they were fresh.Have to check out their later albums.

    Yeah gigs can be quite pricey sometimes in london but there are plenty of cheap ones as well,kind of depends if they are mainstream or not. Scala gig for a band called Boredoms who I saw a month back was only 15 and the gig I am going to next week was only a tenner. Max i Paid was 50 for the blur Hyde park gig but that is understandable. Most of them have been under the 20 pound mark. I take it you listen to 6 music then?
  7. Don't really listen to the radio much to be honest. I hear about bands via word of mouth at gigs and off a few local websites I follow. An yeah I do pay the bigger prices as I'm watching The Stone Roses again next month and that set me back 60 quid. But take Blossoms if you've heard of them quite a big new Manchester band I've seen them loads before they blew up with radio 6 and 1 play at a few local pubs and venues just off people saying they were the next big thing at a few gigs I'd been to. See I go alone to a lot of gigs these days as my mates all have kids, wives so can't afford it as much so I just go and chat to randomers haha.
  8. Yeah I have heard blossoms via radio 6, I quite like the new Stone Roses song kind of different to want they have done. Have the heard of The Fall? they are a Manchester band who are pretty big despite not being commercially successful, seen them last year and this year. I do tend to got to gigs myself most of the time as I have quite a eclectic taste and most of my friends are into hip hop lol.
  9. Yeah The Fall are decent never seen them unfortunately as always been working. An yeah once you do that first gig alone it's a non-issue and if you have eclectic taste well its a bonus as you see all the bands you want to see. Plus toilet breaks and bar trips become a doddle. Also you meet so many random people who are also alone that you make one night friends haha.
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  10. Also Pop not fully sure what genres you are into but a few bands to possibly check out for you could be. Eagulls, Cheetahs, Metz, Japandroids, Mezengers, Radkey, The Hyena Kill, July Days, DZ Deathrays, Ex Hex, Honeyblood, Gentlemens Pistols, Hookworms, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Kvelertak, The Lonely the Brave, The Temperance Movement and Rival Sons. Range from indie, punk, garage rock to psych.
  11. I Like electronic, to experimental,Indie,Alt rock,psych and many other things. What ever sounds good to my ears I guess. I have heard of of King Gizzard theny seem quite mad all out psych, I like what little I have heard. Japandroids and hookworms ring a bell. Thanks for the recommendations I give them a go.
  12. KIng Gizzard are epic live. I'd never heard of them and picked up a ticket for a few quid and was blown away. It's wall to wall guitars and crazy psych its brilliant and they are so energetic and the crowd I was with went mental.
  13. I like bands that are high energy makes for a better gig mostly. I do like fuzzy sounding guitars. Maybe we should turn this into some sort of gig review thread, I have a gig in a couple of days. Might be a cool and useful thing to have never been done on here.
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