Random Match Of The Day - Angle/Benoit vs Mysterio/Edge At No Mercy '02

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  1. [video=dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xy3j24_edge-rey-mysterio-vs-kurt-angle-chris-benoit-wwe-no-mercy-2002_sport?search_algo=2#.UW3YMTeRPt0[/video]

    Yet another great match. This is actually my favorite tag team match ever, not counting elimination matches like the 2001 or 2003 (Austin/Bischoff teams) Survivor Series, but even those don't have the endless moment of excitement like the last ten or so minutes of this match. I would have to think no matter who you are, this would have to be one of the finest tag matches you've probably seen.

    The storyline behind it was that Stephanie (who was General Manager on Smackdown at the time) was gonna introduce Smackdown it's own Tag Team Championships, and a tournament was set up to declare the first ever champions. Edge/Mysterio and Benoit/Angle were the finals, and the latter actually hated each other (they fought the previous month at Unforgiven) but were put together as a team and were told by Stephanie that if they couldn't get along, one or both of them would be suspended for a year, or worse, fired. This was actually intentionally set up as Kurt Angle's possible exit from the company, as he was actually considering taking over a year off to train for the 2004 Olympics in real life, and if need be, this would be the explanation for his leaving the company for a limited time. Obviously, Angle decided to stay. (Angle and Benoit would go on to have an awesome WWE Title match three months after this at the '03 Royal Rumble, which I'll probably be posting sometime in the future.)

    Anyways, enjoy.
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  2. I salivated over Angle/Benoit matches. I wonder if the incident hasn't occurred ant Benoits brain was fine, if he would've went to TNA. Imagine Roode or Aries vs Benoit.
  3. Gonna watch this tomorrow when I have the time.
  4. I am erect atm.
  5. A very good tag team match indeed, deserves the hype.
  6. Bump. Just want as many as possible to see this awesome match.
  7. Fan-Fucking-Tastic. I know have a definitive answer for my favorite standard tag team match (and probably my favorite tag match period, but I'll have to rewatch a few to make sure of that). Angle & Benoit make up two-thirds of my all-time favorites for a reason. Edge & Rey of course were also extremely great in this match as well, especially Rey (it's matches like this that remind me I didn't always hate Mysterio in-ring wise). Since the Hell In A Cell match between Taker & Brock was brought up on commentary, I'll say I think this tag match may be the better of the two. I don't want to say that without rewatching the Hell In A Cell match (which I do love), but right now I prefer the tag match (though I just got finished watching it, so that probably has a lot to do with it).

    As for that Rumble match between Angle & Benoit, yeah that's my favorite match, ever. It's absolutely perfect in my opinion.
  8. this good tag team match.
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