Random Match Of The Day - Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat At Wrestlemania 3

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  1. Back when the Intercontinental Championship meant something.

    I wasn't gonna post this one because I wanted to stay away from the OBVIOUS obvious choices of great matches (unlike my previous two choices) but I'm going with this one anyway. Because of being almost as old as I am (hmm, I was born in November and this was in March... I was probably conceived the same month this happened), I figure there might be some people here who haven't seen it.

    The angle behind this feud was very simple and effective - Steamboat gets a title shot at Savage in the opening match of an episode of SNME, and after Savage wins via count out, he crushes Steamboat's larynx with the ring bell and puts him out of action for about four or five months. Over the next several weeks, Savage talks about no one else having the balls to actually put someone on the shelf like he did, and in the meantime, we get clips of Steamboat learning how to speak and making a recovery, vowing to get payback on Randy Savage and win the title from him. Savage himself dares Steamboat to make his return, saying he'll put him out for good if he tries.

    This eventually leads to their Wrestlemania 3 clash, which was (and still is) considered one of the greatest matches of all time. Personally, while a great match, I think calling it one of the greatest EVER is overrating it quite a bit. Wrestling purists can crucify me for that but I just don't get the feeling that I'm watching one of the greatest matches ever while seeing this... Probably because there's been so many great matches since then that this doesn't stand out as much now as it must of then, at least to me.

    That said, it IS a great match and one everyone should watch at some point. It's fast paced and not overly long (only about fifteen minutes long) so it should be pretty much everyone's cup of tea if they're a wrestling fan.
  2. Never seen this match. Will watch in a bit.
  3. I liked the match, an end a bit too slow but a good match imo.
  4. :robbie: get ready for one of the most well crafted matches ever!
  5. Yeah, I watched the match some time ago. Not the best like some call it but a very good one nonetheless.
  6. I liked watching this match, some may call it the best and that's their opinions, it may not be the best in my opinion but it is a very good WM match.
  7. Excellent match. Perhaps a tad overrated but it's still well worth a watch. While I haven't seen all the matches or even half the matches, this is probably my favorite Mania match until Bret vs. Austin's at 13. It does really bug me that Steele was able to carry Steamboat back into the ring but that's the only real problem I have with the belt. For the sake of emphasis/redundancy I repeat, excellent match.
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