Random Match Of The Day - The Rock vs Brock Lesnar At Summerslam 2002

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  1. The match that officially made Brock Lesnar a main eventer and WWE superstar. It also must still be the biggest win of his wrestling career, as coming in and winning the WWE Title just four measly months after debuting and doing so by defeating one of the best ever still in his prime in the main event of Summerslam is a claim that no one else can make except for... oh, yeah, no one. (Ok, Goldberg actually has a similar claim, as it took him ten months to get the title but he was a hotter commodity and defeated the most hated heel on the show during the midst of the Monday Night Wars, but yeah, you get the point.)

    Anyway, the build was that Brock Lesnar was "The Next Big Thing", a dominant freak of nature that Paul Heyman brought in to run through everyone in the WWE and make his way to the top of the mountain faster than anyone, which he kinda did. He destroyed a bunch of people (including some F-5s on 400-pounders like Mark Henry and Rikishi), won the King Of The Ring to qualify for a WWE Title shot against The Rock and that brings us here. The build consisted of them never touching one another (making people anticipate the match further) and simply showing videos of them both working out for the match and talking about wanting to be the absolute best. This was great build up, actually. The end result was a heel winning cleanly, and for the longest time, everyone thought this was the last time Rock would hold onto the WWE Title. Ironically, if The Rock does wrestle again, he'll be having his last match against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX next year, getting his win back after nearly 12 years.
  2. I'm not really in the mood for wrestling so I'll put off rewatching this until later but from memory this was another great pick. In fact, it's both my favorite Rock match (okay, maybe his triple threat bout at Vengeance against Angle & Taker is my favorite, will rewatch both when I get around to watching this and decide) and the exact reason why I don't want to see another Rock/Brock match. The logic being is that I already have a great wrestling match between Rock & Brock, I'd rather see them both face somebody that they don't already have a great match with. I understand the arguments against that logic but it's just how I feel (I should probably point out that part of it stems from the fact that we don't have a lot of matches left with both of them [from my understanding, I kind of stopped paying attention]).
  3. I thought it was a good match and a great way to get Brock into the Main-Event scene.
  4. Awesome match top cap off arguably the best PPV WWE has eve produced. A must watch IMO.
  5. Brock vs Rock from 2002, it put Lesnar on the map and had everyone looking and saying to themselves who is this Brock Lesnar? Well whoever he is, he's going to be a major player for years to come!
  6. I love black ropes.
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