Random question since statuses aren't working for me

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  1. IS there anywhere I can create a Barack Obama meme of his hope picture so that it says "Yes R'Albin can"? I got offered to go somewhere and answering the question like a normal person is far too much to expect from me.
  2. http://www.lunapic.com/editor/

    Upload your base image, then effects and obamanize.
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  3. Yay it worked!

    On a side note just found some strange strange shit on my Stepdad's computer :eww:
  4. Made me lol
  5. Quite curious now, is it hentai?
  6. is it folk music?
  7. I'll give you a glue, it involved a wine bottle.
  8. Is the glue part a clue also? IE someone stuck a wine bottle up their arse, was it Crayo?
  9. Bet it was Randy.
  10. Probably a Randy Crayo production, 50 shades of gay part 2 wine and whining.
  11. :lol1: :lol1:

    And no, the glue had nothing to do with it!
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