Random things u use to do in school as a kid ?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by u_cant_c_me, Feb 20, 2015.

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  1. I want to know by everyone what are the most Random things u use to do in school as a kid?

    I fell asleep in class in 3 Grade and woke up saying How Much I love the show " I LOVE LUCY " lol
  2. I once instigated a black guy brawl in the lunchroom that went on for like 20 minutes and forced the office workers to call the cops. Like seven black dudes jumped up and started to fight everybody/each other.
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  3. draw big veiny dicks.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. LOL. Looks like Mr. T
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  7. I'm trying to figure out exactly how that would lift that dumbbell or barbell... hmmmm.. ????
  8. Does masturbating in the high school bathroom a couple of times count?
  9. if u want it to count then sure I guess lol
  10. I stabbed my maths teachers to death with a protractor.
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  11. Really? wow
  12. No
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  13. More like Mr. D, haha

    No lifting. Piercing

    As for the OP, I remember I used to jump up as I went through doorways and smack my hand on the door frame to make it look like I smacked my forehead on the top of the door frame. Fooled a few people that way. I would've been a good "seller" in the ring I think haha.
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  14. yea u would be a good seller in the ring
  15. I used to buy erasers that look like this:


    And then pick off little bits of them and throw em at people in the cafeteria.
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  16. at least u didnt do spit balls thru a straw Like I also use to do at Bullies I kinda was a Bad Ass in school :booker2:
  17. I did that as well but got caught eventually because straws are so hard to hide in 15 seconds sometimes when you're in class.
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  18. I used to read all the poster in the classroom....backwards.
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  19. I was a pretty good student most of my school years. In the 12th grade though I skipped class in the 4th quarter a few times. I already knew I was going to graduate so I said WTH.
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  20. LOL I did the samething Had to do 12th Grade over again.
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