Randy is a disgrace to the company and those titles

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. Since I wasent here when this happened I am saying it now Randy is a disgrace to the company and those titles WTF he is chosen as the champions of champions that is so fucked up after his past of drug taking, bad behaviour backstage, disrespectng Barbie Blank on a live radio interview and he gets rewarded with both titles fuck you WWE
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  2. *In the voice of UKer who had just scored a goal and is no sending voice messages to his opponent*

    You mad?
  3. BLFFL Is Back....

    And we get more High Quality Threads.....

    Someone, Kill me now.....
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  4. The bastard disrespected Barbie Blank? What a ****.
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  5. Orton sucks, he should be released until he apologizes to Barbie, becomes straight edge, and learns how to cut a promo like your man Brock Lesnar.
  6. I personally see nothing wrong with it. His past with drugs? They all have done drugs at one point INCLUDING Barbie. The dude can wrestle and pull fans. That is why they are using him. I don't really care for the dude and never honestly have but to say all of that is telling me this is an opinion thread, not a facts thread. So let me throw this out there, mind you, a few are facts... KK is responsible for many things divas and wrestlers are no longer aloud to do, including an age restriction on female wrestlers that was made because she couldn't act accordingly. What Randy said has been confirmed by many other male and YES female wrestlers in the wwe. It is no secret she slept around or used her body to get advantages. Many women do in the spotlight.
    As for my opinion... You are just butt hurt because Randy spoke the truth (though I agree, he shouldn't have) about KK and he never was punished for it, could it be that Vince seen no logical reason to punish him for saying the truth? And now that he is champion it sickens you.
    How can someone disrespect a woman and a company and still be held so high!? ITS BUSINESS. All's they care about is money and what makes the most money is having the best shows and the best shows are given by the best wrestlers. Obviously it is working because Randy (AN OBVIOUS HEEL) is pissing you off. You still watch and you hate him as you should. As I said, it's business. I like wrestlers at face value not gimmick value as most adult wrestling fans do. Randy makes a good champion. That is why he is one.
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  7. TLDR. Something about Randy changing his name to Tabby Orton?
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I hear meowing in my head
    It purrs to me, it understands
    It purrs to me
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  10. :win:
  11. Not that I agree with BLFFL that he's a 'disgrace', but Orton is such a bore in this role. I guess he was the best they had for it though since he's already a top guy (and who else was available that they would have faith in to play the top heel alongside Triple H and Steph?) but don't tell me he gets a lot of heat on his own because he usually doesn't. Other than that ending on Raw last Monday where he took an old school cheap way out, most all of the heat is coming from HHH and Stephanie. Just look at how people were interested in Big Show/Triple H until Orton entered the picture. They wanted Show to try and get the title from Orton as a stepping stone to the match with HHH, but Show/Orton ended up getting one of the worst reactions for a main event ever and so they completely axed the Show/HHH program and sent Show to the midcard. They even rushed a title unification for TLC to make up for it since they knew Survivor Series would have a shitty buyrate and Orton winning both championships did indeed feel underwhelming (although for the sake of the story, it made more sense than Cena winning them.) Don't get me started on most of Orton's promos.

    I long for the days of Orton as The Viper being a babyface again. Here's hoping he is one again by the end of the year.
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  12. I agree with BLFFL but for different reasons namely the ones Lockard puts forward. Orton is boring and most of his heat is for the authority and not actually him.
  13. Apex predator Orton > heel orton
  14. Why are you back.
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  15. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
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  16. Would make a serious post, but just to fit in:

    Show Spoiler
    disagree with you, BLFFL but on this one I seriously respect your opinion, this title reign has been total ass
  17. He's not a disgrace, he's a sleeping pill. I used to have problems sleeping, but ever since my doctor recommended me to listen to Randy Orton's promos. I've been sleeping like an angel.
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  18. As Cena said in that promo Randy got everything handed to him the minute he was hired. Randy would be a nobody if his dad never excisted in the company. He is disgracing those titles
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  19. lol you guys remember when dippin dots were supposed to be the ice cream of the future??

  20. They're alright.
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