Randy Orton Addresses His Banned Punt Kick, After a fan Tweet this to Orton!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. WWE Superstar Randy Orton re-tweeted the following fan comment from his official Twitter page on Tuesday:
    “@randyorton so WWE ban your punt kick but let @VivaDelRio kick people in the head? whats the difference? Bring back the Punt Kick!!!!!”
    LMFAO! SO TRUE! :pipebomb:

  2. I even said because of that that it might only be a matter of time before Bryan and Punk's round house kicks or Del Rio's kicks to the head are banned.

  3. The day that have been is the day i will start watching chuck n. moive over pro wrestling. aless he can get away with it in all his movie! :pipebomb:
  4. Sounds like Saturday Morning Slam
  5. He punted Show a month ago didn't he?
  6. Also I'm guessing a running punt kick is more difficult to take than a round house, it's hard to be on all fours and get your hands up but if you're standing you can absorb it by getting your hands up.

  7. but that was a 1 time thing. he can't do it all the time anymore like he use to just when wwe said it ok like last month.
  8. He didn't do it all the time anyways. He would pretty much do it to end a feud, which is what happened to Big Show.

  9. if he even hit u with it at all i remember orton for the most part of his punt were not even to the head but to the person hair. he prove this threay right at the HITC PPV 2009.

  10. So they ban a move for being dangerous then say you can do it one time? It doesn't add up sadly, it's probably more just being more selective with it.

    Yeah but that's putting a ton of trust on him, one mistake and he's screwed and it's something he might not even be able to control. Remember the one on Otunga for example?

  11. Good point.
    Also it's must be harder to control the kick when you're running.

  12. LOL no i don't remeber the one with Otunga lol. as for the punt move sescoops report it after E.Rules ended that only let Orton use the punt b/c it was hometown,big show was taking time off anyway, and that said for rare thing like this he can use it but that it. yes i thing dumb b/c if it was real are u going a fighter when or when not he can use a seding move? NO!
  13. Take your panties out of your coochie. He will do it again.

  14. Some guys put their hands up when getting punted, or they get kicked in the back of the neck but it happens so fast it's hard to notice it.

    Normal kicks have proven to be just as dangerous so I'm suprised with banning the punt kick except for an occasion or two that they haven't limited normal kicks to the head. Bret Hart got his career ended by what looks like a normal kick even in slow motion from Goldberg. And then there's Ziggler's concussion brought on by what looked like the simplest kick from Swagger. Hell, Del Rio's kick at Payback to Ziggler's head was much harder than Swagger's.

  15. QUEIT BRYAN MARK! :pipebomb:
  16. But.. everyone already....'

    You got me.
  17. Orton should be chuffed that he got to use the first chair shot to the head in years last night.
  18. And on the anniversary of Benoit's death as well. #Irony
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  20. damn i did not even thing of that. LOL! I wonder if wwe rezlied that!?
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