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Only Edge and Randy Orton have the power to leave pro wrestling fans speechless for two very different reasons.

The main event of tonight’s (Jan. 27) was centered around Edge cutting a promo encapsulating the last 24 hours and what led to his return at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Nine years in the making, there was no right way for Edge to explain his surprise comeback on Sunday night. Despite lofty expectations, Edge hit all the right notes during his speech on Raw. It could be argued the seven or so minute monologue was the best of the Hall of Famer’s career.

Edge pulled on every single one of fan’s heartstrings.

“I got in the best in the shape of my life at 46 years old, so that I could step back in here, so that I could end my career on my terms”

“I know I’m a little older. I know I’m a little bit grayer. I know I got some crow’s feet, but it’s the road map that got me here. But I got one thing that you can’t fake ... something you look them dead in the eye with and say ‘I have grit’.”
Then Orton came out.

A small glimmer of hope, a long embrace between both men, and The Viper even teased a Rated-RKO reunion on the horizon. Before Edge could even respond to Orton giving an emotional speech of his own, he was face was planted into the ground courtesy of a RKO.

The move wasn’t even out of nowhere, but Edge had no chance to block it.

Then Orton kept attacking.

And attacking with a steel chair.

Finally Orton wedged Edge’s surgically repaired necked between a chair and it looked like he was going to stomp on the man he just referred to as family mere minutes ago.

Instead, Orton went to leave, hit a hard u-turn, grabbed more chairs, and blasted a fallen Edge with shot to the neck.

Welcome back, @EdgeRatedR.

As you can see, some things NEVER change. #RAW

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) January 28, 2020
No words.

Was this the best closing segment of Raw over the last five years? Ten years?

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