Randy Orton face turn coming

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by WarMachine, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. Randy definitely needs a change. I don't know if a face turn is it. If they do a face run, it will be short lived. He tends not to go over as a face very well. I think mainly because everyone kinda knows he is a bit of a dick in real life. All I can say is that I hope it works for him. although I kind of think this is WWE's way to keep him around. I heard that he has been asking for some time off recently. I honestly think he is one of the hardest workers in WWE (I hear he NEVER misses a house show). He's been going at it non-stop since he came back from that suspension a while back. its actually probably better for both WWE & Orton that he get some well deserved time off to recuperate & recharge the batteries. it just seems like WWE doesn't give two-shits about talent anymore. All they care about is their rating & running the talent into the ground... and when they cant go anymore... kicking them out the door & blaming their short end career on them, somehow.
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  2. Vince has never cared about his workers. They are simply laborers to him.
    Orton is getting to the point where he's earned 'respect pops' and he should embrace it.
    If nothing else, he should be a babyface for his daughter. That would be a big motivating factor for me.
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  3. Randy Orton - the wrestler, is great! However, Blandy Boreton - the character is just that, bland. The guy should take some time off, he deserved it... Maybe a year or two, so that he could rejuvenate and then come back with a new look, new music and maybe it'll be a refreshment for his charisma vacuum character (that he's been for quite a while now).
  4. If Orton's gonna get time off, they need to do Orton vs Lesnar
  5. WWE can make something of this if they play their cards right
  6. Definitely. Then Brock can 'break' his arm with Kimura Lock to write him off TV.
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  7. That or the cinder block thing are the only logical ways to write Orton off.

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  8. they need to bring back stacy kiebler and make them kiss again. fapfapfapfap

  9. I've come to the conclusion that Randy Orton is jaded.
    He's comng off as being bored because there's no reason to be excited about anything anymore.
    He's done more in his 34 years on earth than most anybody his age.
    If logic dictates that if there's nothing to be excited about than why act like it?

    He should take a couple of years off and see the world on his terms. Do the things he never got to do because he was entertaining us.
    He's probably never been to a PTA meeting, basketball game or even gone hunting in Alaska.
    This may seem trivial but he has money and I'm sure he just wants to be a relatively normal adult for a while and go to Disneyland just to be a normal guy,
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  10. Hmm? He was actually one of the popular guys on the roster from 2010-2013. He was even getting pops on par with Daniel Bryan last year just before his heel turn.

    Hopefully they turn him sooner than later because a face turn is just what he needs to rejuvenate his character again. It's really a testament to just how boring this latest heel run has been when it feels like he's been a heel again forever and yet it's barely been over a year since his turn. And I agree - "The Viper" Randy Orton targeting Brock Lesnar would make for a great feud, one that I feel could be compelling enough to last through two PPVs (Survivor Series and TLC, or TLC and the Royal Rumble.)
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  11. I've thought he's going to turn as well with the way he's complaining about having to deal with Ambrose instead of Rollins doing it all the time.
  12. I'm down for an Orton face turn, makes him all the better of a pick for me in the little WWE Fantasy League we're trying here.
  13. I'm still baffled as to how Orton was able to get pops in his last face run when he did nothing but wrestle random midcard matches.
  14. So, he's gonna turn, have a litte face run and then take time off? It seems plausible to me.
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