Randy Orton Fine With Being A Baby Face?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lockard 23, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Pretty long read but interesting. I bolded and underlined the parts where he's speaking about being a baby face. So between him being of the top three most popular guys in the company (based on crowd reaction) and him having no problem being a baby face - despite earlier reports of him wanting to turn heel - then should we assume he isn't turning heel? Unless we also assume the chance that he's saying this to throw people off of a heel turn but I think not mainly because he said he wouldn't mind turning heel (as opposed to saying for sure he doesn't want it happening), it's just that he loves being a face, too.
  2. So, based off what I'd gather from the interview; Orton has a crappy memory; doesn't think Cena should dropkick; still rather be heel but enjoys being a face; for some strange reason people still asking him about that damn Mania match; & he wants to look like Batista. Telling interview I suppose (even though I knew the first two & the third one isn't alarming in the slightest, he just seems cooler with being a face than I would've thought). I don't honestly think we can make assumptions about whether or not he'll turn heel from this (though I suppose the same can be said for dirtsheets). He outright said during the interview that all he basically just does what they tell him to and only occasionally offers suggestions, plus him being content with being a face, I don't really see him being the deciding factor in turning heel. I also don't really think he'll know when he turns, I've read from a lot of interviews that superstars aren't informed of what's going to happen until day of (I realize something like this could be an exception but I don't believe it is and even if it was, this comes off as just a guy telling stories from work, not someone trying to work some angle to work the fans, all Orton interviews come off like the former [like calling Kelly Kelly a slut]). Good interview though.
  3. All he has said is that he's fine with being a face atm because the more over he gets, the bigger the heel turn is. That clearly means he wants to turn heel eventually, which is what all the reports have said... He has said so many times that he wants top turn heel, and just by reading that you get an idea of how much he clearly enjoys being the heel. Why wouldn't he? He's a fucking great heel.
  4. Of course he'll turn heel one day when the climate is right, I'm saying this could be an indication he's not turning at the moment. (Smackdown Spoilers: Some are speculating he could be because of giving Bryan the RKO and because he's apparently talked in the past about wanting to be heel.)
  5. He even manages to come across as a massive tool in print.
  6. At least he's being honest though. I much prefer that over a cookie cutter Cena interview.
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  7. Yea his lack of memory and shitting on Cena for doing dropkicks was riveting.
  8. I enjoyed the part where he shat on Cena :happy:

    Seriously though, would you have enjoyed typical BS responses. "Cena is a hell of a guy and great to work with. The fans pay their money and can do what they want, it doesn't bother me. I love being a fan favourite because everything I do, I do for the WWE Universe" :pity:
  9. Six in one hand half a dozen in the other. Either way he is a boring prick

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Seems like you are just a Cena hater desperate to cling onto anything negative about him.

    Cena >>>> you >>>>>> > dog shit >>>> orton

  12. Nah, Cena's not so bad. I just wish he'd be more of a real dude sometimes instead of an 100% company man.
  13. Him & Cena are mates, so shitting on him is completely fine. Dolph's just hates Orton so much.
  14. I appreciate Orton's honesty, too. I also don't think he was shitting on Cena with the dropkick comment, it seemed more like a friendly jab than anything. When I read that comment, I was picturing this interview being a live one (as I always do when I read print interviews) and him possibly changing his voice tone with the dropkick comment to let people know he was joking. He's given Cena plenty of props, including right here. He said in a 2010/2011 radio interview that while he felt he trumped Cena in the ring, Cena was still able to cut better promos than pretty much anyone else on the roster.
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