Randy Orton injured and likely to be removed from EC mathc

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2012/0214/549709/randy-orton/

    oh well
  2. Sorry, but that's a fake report. WWE would have reported Orton to be injured. Nobody else has that report. Also, WrestleInc is an unreliable source.

  3. I'm assuming something happened at the SD tapings to lead them to report this. We should know soon enough once the spoilers come out shouldn't we?

    I don't read spoilers though so I wouldn't know


    sounds like a kayfabe injury to me.. but why the fuck would they want to remove him from the EC match for a fake injury?? I'm confused
  4. First, Orton falls down a flight of stairs and comes back in three weeks...

    My guess is unless they shoot him in the head at point blank range... he'll be back in three weeks
  5. Smackdown desperately needs Christian back

    the lack of star power on that show is appalling
  6. Best wishes to Orton, you never like seeing people get hurt. And I was looking forward to the sick stuff he was going to do in the Chamber, and maybe a back and forth with Rhodes

    But with Orton, Henry, Sin Cara, Dibiase, and Christian all injured... that means they have to throw Justin Gabriel, Hunico, or Drew Mcintyre in the chamber, right?
  7. Rumor I'm hearing is they will rush Henry back from his injury to take the spot, but you could probably find out by reading the spoilers, unless it will be a 'surprise' entrant. I'm hoping Christian is healed and takes the spot, or they somehow throw ADR in it and he wins, and moves back to Smackdown
  8. ADR to come back as a face without @[Crayo]'s boyfriend Retardo.
  9. So much for that.


    This fucking company, I swear...
  10. All I want for E.C. is......

  11. Wonder who they're gonna replace him with..

  12. You not read the spoilers? If not, no one reply with the answer please.
  13. I only read this article.

    Doesn't say anything about another replacement.
  14. We have the spoilers in the SmackDown section. If you want to read them that is.
  15. *sigh* Santino Marella.... The biggest fail in WWE history.
  16. Is there ANY chance Christian takes out Santino at EC and "steals" his spot, a la Edge at EC a few years back?


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