Randy Orton - Injured last night.

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  1. I've just heard as well from someone that it could be up to 6 months... holy crap SmackDown is lacking stars. Henry, Christian and Cara are injured already.


    Source; PW Torch

    and finally..

    The reason I chose many sources, was because a lot of people think this could be a work. It's not, he's slipped his disc. 6 months reportedly :S.
  2. This is a big shame he's been putting on great matches all year. Im expecting punk to SD to replace him as the face if he's gone for 6 months.
  3. Dunno, I expect Sheamus to just get the push now. Bad news for Barret if WWE blame him for this. What's creative doing having him push Orton down stairs when Orton has a history of shoulder and back injuries?
  4. Could still be a work to bring him in as #30 in the Rumble, lol.
  5. Nah, once it's on a WWE Twitter account and WWE.COM before SmackDown even airs, you know it's no work. WWE never reveal SmackDown is taped, but did in this circumstance.
  6. Didnt read the thread but could you put it in a spoiler thread next time?
  7. It's not a spoiler though, it's not part of a WWE storyline. It's not like WWE will surprise you with it on friday lol.
  8. Wade Barrett @WadeBarrett 2m Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Look, what happened at the taping was tragic. However, there are inherent risks in our profession. Play with fire, you get burned.
  9. Half kayfabe tweet and half not. Feel sorry for Randy though.
  10. I feel like it's a work and at the same time, not a work. He'll probably be in Royal Rumble.
  11. A disc slip in the back isn't a 6 week injury though :S.

    It's months isn't it?
  12. You guys do realize the rumble is the next PPV right?

    Hope it's a work.
  13. Lol it's not a work, hard to get this into people's heads :emoji_wink:.

    1) WWE NEVER acknowledge that SmackDown is taped. Never. This week wwe.com and an official WWE twitter account has mentioned it as Randy Orton slipped his disc in his back going down a flight of stairs.

    2) It's what, 30 days away now the rumble or something? Orton recovering from a slipped disc in his back in 4 weeks? Wow. If he does I'll pull my hat off to him.

    If it is a work then fair play to them, because they've fooled many people in mentioning SmackDown tapings and stuff. I always thought Orton could be a contender for RR winner this year, so if it is then I suppose they want to make him the surprise entry. But I seriously, seriously doubt it's a work.
  14. It's splendid timing, that's for sure. Either it's a massive work, or he's out for WM. Which of the two do you want? :emoji_slight_frown:

    But yeah, it seems illogical with the injury, but the WWE IS illogical.
  15. WWE has often acknowledged that SmackDown is taped before.
    A few years ago they always used to have the main event on the website before it was 'organised' on TV.

    I'm probably wrong but I feel it's a work to have him win the rumble, because he was set to win it.
    God knows who's going to win it now. Taker? That wouldn't make much sense.

    OOooooh I know!!!
    Bryan loses title @ RR.
    Wins the RR to have rematch at Mania!
  16. Everywhere I read they say the same. Orton has legitimately had an injury, and it's with his back. Back injures don't repair that quick. Del Rio is the one injured star coming back to the Rumble, I doubt Orton will be in the match unless he recovers very fast.

    Though WWE might over-hype it, and say it's more serious than it is to shock everyone. But there's one thing I feel is certain, and that he is definitely hurt.
  17. Were did you read randy was due to win anyway? Beside it being a very faint rumour just down to the event being in st Louis ? I can't see them giving bryan the rumble punk seems more likely to me with how hard he's been pushed.
  18. Yeah won't be Bryan, this almost certainly for me makes it Sheamus' win for the Rumble. Sigh.