News Randy Orton Injured

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Oct 23, 2015.

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    Seems really unfortunate. This seemed like the perfect time to rebuild him. I can't really say I'll miss him because I'm fine without his 500th tag team match against the Wyatts. But get well soon, Randy.
  2. 3 hours to pop a shoulder back in place? Sheesh. Must of hurt like a mother.
  3. I'm not exactly sure how something can hurt like a mother? I mean, are you talking about going into labor? Or is it the belt whoopings?
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  4. Have a speedy recovery, Randy!

    And I know this won't happen, but I'll say it anyways. I hope he comes back with a new look, new music and above all, rejuvenated... Ready, willing and able to chase the midcard gold.
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  5. Having a bad shoulder is not fun when you're not a professional wrestler.

    The report that it was dislocated while he was taking out the trash makes me think it was popping out and popping back in regularly and something just finally gave (unless this guy has some extraordinarily heavy trash, that is). It also makes me think that surgical repair is going to be the most likely fix.

    I hope he gets better soon. I'm not his biggest fan, admittedly, but I do know how good he is and usually enjoy his matches. I also felt like he was poised to go on a strong run and, of course, that will have to be postponed.

    Get better soon, Randy.

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  6. I think he needs to do the video injury updates like he used to
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  7. Well only good news is that it'll leave another spot for someone else. But I don't want him to be seriously hurt because I do enjoy Orton now and then.
  8. That would be awesome. Unfortunately, a big part of his pops are related to his theme music. Randy doesn't really deserve this phrase, but in a way, it's iconic. Without that he's some orange boipussy who hasn't done shit in years.

    Hope that he comes back with a clear goal in mind. I hope he comes back for a reason.
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  9. I'm only posting to point out how amused I am by Swing Car's frog avatar. Try throwing cuffs on THAT
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  10. Orton suffers from over mobile shoulder syndrome (or something like that) if I remember right. He's knocked his shoulders out doing his pre-RKO taunt a few times. Over mobile shoulder syndrome is not fun. I have an old high school friend who has it and he could wake up by dislocating his shoulders. Not worth the party trick.
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  11. Damn. That's not cool at all.

  12. I've only seen it once. And from what I remember he was in more pain relocating it.

    My brother dislocated his collar bone playing hockey once. But he's a freak and was back on the ice 2 days later
  13. I have an idea so autistic it might just work.

    Stardust disappears for a month.

    ...month goes by.


    ...with CODY RHODES.

    but there's more.......

    ..........CURTIS AXEL TOO LOL

  14. Not exactly. He's had shoulder problems since 2005. He had another injury of the same kind back in 2008. Deterioration can be plausible. His shoulder was getting frailer and frailer until a simple tug popped it out. Pure speculation - i'm no doctor.
  15. Not exactly sure what you mean by autistic? Seems like you're just going for the cheap laughs, now m8. But don't worry I do too.
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  16. my shit is bargain bin as fuck that's why i'm better as a seasonal poster one who dips for like 4 months and shitposts in a chat room this 24/7 shit ,is not me but you know how it is

    have orton come back and dominate the midcard/tag division with a reboot of legacy

    something to do for him at least

    or he could feud with Sheamus

    cheap humor, boy....
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  17. The Legacy doesn't need a reboot. They were just a thing to get Orton back into the main event game, in 2008. Orton hasn't been in the main event game, since losing the title. An occasional match doesn't mean jackshit, and since he's best suited competing in the mid-cards in this fragile time in his career and life. I don't think he needs lackys.
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  18. fine sorry
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  19. Can you believe that Orton injured his arm while taking out the trash?
    Not in a ring but at home.
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  20. Welcome to the forum lets be friends

    and yeah he's got a bad case of pop shuv it shoulder so he could injure it at any time
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