Randy Orton is the greatest of all times.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Idiot #1, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Alright lads

    For months me and ZTO have been saying Orton is out the ballpark, and guess what? Now WWE have booked the lad right, he has taken wrestling to new heights

    The cosplay lads, and the rump ripplers can kiss it. Only the suits can stop Orton. Lets hope they do not fuck up

    WWE should book him to chase the belt, win it at Maiaa, and it will be off to the races.
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    That's mighty grandiose of you to bullsh*t like that.
    It might be true and your idealism is to be admired.
    The only problem with Randy Orton is his personality is trashy and too introspective.
    I'd like the cat to succeed but blaming other pieces of trash (like booking) for Randy Orton's shortcomings is typical of marks like you.

    If he takes the ball, good for him. I'd tip my hat to you. If he goes beta, don't let it surprise you.

    Great thread topic and congrats on the limits being lifted.
  3. I'd probably wait until we're more than one week removed from Orton's face turn before I started crediting him with taking wrestling to "new heights", but that's just me.
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  4. just added Rump Ripplers to my dictionary.
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  5. Rump Ripplers? Jethus Cwithe, what a word.
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  6. they booked a man with supreme charisma to be dull

    now they have taken off the ball and chain, look what you get,

    they booked austin to be a boring bastard in the mid 90's, at the end of the day. the they let him rip, and they were off to the races

    orton is better than austin, so he could do great things, at the end of the day
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  7. Orton has been in WWE for over a decade and has plenty of time to have taken wrestling to new height and he hasn't done it. I can't say your opinion is wrong, because it's an opinion you're entitled to and I'm not an ass, but Randy Orton in my estimation is the most overrated wrestler in the world whose name isn't John Cena.
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  8. Wow, quality stuff now that he ain't limited anymore. :pity2:
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  9. Greatest what?

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  10. I'm only posting this to get alerts for new comments. Hey WK, got any spare popcorn?
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