Randy Orton or AJ Styles?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. I found the best tribute video I've ever seen, comparing my top 2 favorite wrestlers of all time... Might I say, Styles IMO, is the best wrestler in-ring, and he's just.... phenominal!

    This video was made during the "Legend Killer" phase.. and when Styles was pulling of extreme technical god-like skills.

    Styles, or Orton?
  2. I can't compare them. Orton had an amazing wrestling year last year and in my opinion was best wrestler of the year out of anyone, but he got 2nd place instead.

    Orton has a better presence and facial expressions than Styles, I'd call Orton the better "actor" of the two inside the ring. Styles is better technically, is a better seller and has a more variety of moves.
  3. Oh, no doubt he had an amazing year last year, that's for sure. but his in-ring ability, (very good), isn't in Styles' level of ability.

    Acting wise, definately Orton, although they seem monotone to me, both of them, but Styles is better on the mic. Orton, in-ring acting and facial expressions really beat Styles by far.. This is why I cannot vote really.
  4. I like Styles but I've seen Orton in the ring more and even though AJ Styles is phenomenal in the ring, I feel Randy Orton could always tell a story in his matches.
  5. AJ > Randy, sure Randy has had a great year but AJ has had great years for a long time now. He's so well rounded now, he can over power the smaller guys and bump like a beast for the bigger ones. Not to mention he can fly, mat wrestle and incorporate some really nice psychology into his matches.
  6. AJ Styles. I agree with everything seabs said 'bout AJ, can't add anything more. The guy is just phenomenal.
  7. Randy. I wouldnt even consider styles untill he gets involved in a good storyline. His heel turn was a epic fail too.
  8. To be fair if I owned a wrestling company I'd prefer to have Randy though, that's coming from a big Styles fan. Does anyone have more of an "it" look than Randy?
  9. Cena probably has the better look imo. He just looks to be made to be a pro wrestler.
  10. I still don't think he looks better than Orton in that sense, Orton is so marketable.
  11. No, no one has a better "it" look than Randy Orton himself <3

    Maybe Kane would be a close second.
  12. I don't really find Randy that marketable tbh, I've always thought the bigger guys are easier in wrestling. Names such as Hogan and Cena indicate that. All down to opinions I guess.
  13. Orton has the second largest fan base in the WWE seabs.

    Miz has the largest media fans

    Cena has the largest fan base in & out of the ring for any superstar of any company however.
  14. Orton got his fans for his booking in 2008/2009 so it doesn't really link it to a debate about his look neither does Cena's imo. I just always though the big jacked up guy was easier to market in wrestling then the more cut guy tbh.
  15. Orton has a decent build though seabs

    Big jacked up guys mean nothing, look at Ezekial Jackson, Mason Ryan, Chris Masters (Exception).. They all sucked, although I think Masters was just badly booked.. I bet he had good technical skills.
  16. He is really cut but how many top guys have had a similar build to Orton? The big jacked up guy is a more common face of the company look.
  17. Undertaker, Piper, Jericho, Edge, Chavo Sr. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Marty Janetty.... Shall I continue seabs? :emoji_wink:
  18. Taker wasn't the face of the company, neither was Jericho, Piper, Chavo or Marty. Shawn fits a similar mold to Randy as does Bret to an extent. The bigger guys have Cena, Hogan and Bruno Sammortino who were faces of the company. In fact they were some of the biggest faces ever. Not to mention people like Batista.
  19. Bruno Sammortino, oh god how I miss him in the ring :emoji_slight_frown:

    Anyways, how wasn;t taker the face of the company? He is just pure greatness.
  20. He is a legend but he was never the man in the way Cena, Austin, Rock and Hogan were. I respect his career more then any of those mentioned tbh but he never was the face, similarly to Kurt Angle.