News Randy Orton Pulled From WWE Live Events And TV Tapings, Update On His TV Return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 5, 2015.

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    - Well, ain't that just grand? So much about getting Orton vs Rollins at the Rumble.

    But I guess keeping him away from TV tapings would make his return at the Rumble as more of a surprise.
  2. Bbbb..whwh...what about his unresolved issues with Kane!?
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  3. They could always incorporate that feud from live events and make some shitty TV.
  4. I read the other day that he wasn't coming back just yet as he was sheduled to have surgery to correct a deviated septum.
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  5. Randy gotta lay off the blow if that's the case.
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  6. I wonder if it'll be Ryback vs. Kane again and Randy vs Rollins at RR.. the shows he's still scheduled for would make at least some sort of build up.. or I guess they could do Ryback vs Rollins with Rollins going over and Reigns vs Orton with Orton going over.
  7. Rollins is scheduled for the World Title match now so Randy vs Rollins nor Ryback vs Rollins is happening.
  8. Oh yeah that's right he's involved in the triple threat w/ Cena & Lesnar.. forgot that happened tonight was pretty tired and sleeping on and off throughout the announcement.
  9. It's fine, just didn't know if you had watched RAW or not and seen the announcement; sorry.

    While relating to the matter of Orton, if Rollins doesn't win the title at the Rumble/or loses the case I can see Orton and Rollins happening at Mania; especially if Orton screws Rollins over.
  10. I hope something like that happens.. Royal Rumble seems like it shall be quite a show.. Hope it lives up to the hype of its' main event.
  11. It will I believe, if only for the fact that it isn't just another Cena/Lesnar singles match.
  12. Guess he might return at the Rumble, then.
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  13. Really? I thought he wasn't legitimately injured.

    If he is, then would be great if he could make it at the Rumble.
  14. That's what I read, I mean I don't know how true it is but I saw it on Bleacher Report a few days ago.
  15. Well, hopefully it's all a work so that they could keep his return at the Rumble as more of a surprise.
  16. I read that he suffered a nose injury or something, can't remember exactly what it was.
  17. If he needs surgery, will he really be back in time for the Rumble? And anyways, they can put him in a match with Lesnar at Fast Lane and do Orton vs Rollins at WrestleMania 31.
  18. I think I read somewehere not too long ago that he already had the surgery and is scheduled to return at a live event on January 17th and then he'll appear at the Rumble.
  19. Oh, that's cool. Can't wait until he's back; just hope he's still going to be the motivated face Orton. I wonder if his injury could be the reason why Rollins is in the triple threat and not Orton...
  20. Well, here's to hoping he'll keep that intensity he had those two weeks prior to SS.

    Quite possibly, yeah. If Orton wasn't injured, then I guess there'd some sort of match between him and Rollins to decide who gets to join Cena and Bork at the Rumble.
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