- Randy Orton Pulled Over By Florida Highway Patrol

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Karen Marie Shelton, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. Randy Orton revealed on Instagram that he got pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol today for his tinted windows.

    He posted the following:

    “Really? Again? You’d think the State Hwy Patrol would have bigger fish to fry then me and my overly tinted windows.”
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  2. put that shitbag down.

    ETA: Hey girl Heeyyyyyyyyyy. Christian singles are ready to mingle bby.
  3. He was probally smoking dope. Bet they just didn't want to us e to listen to Orton so they let him go.
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  4. He tried to explain his story, but they weren't interested 10 minutes into it and decided he was a piece of shit, so they gave him a fine as large as they could.

    @Tgmiveld Your favorite star was probably the bottom bitch in the overnight cell. Pat Patterson taught him how to do it right.
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  5. Lolz @ that area's highway patrol.. tinted problems are the least of their worries..
    Orton though cmon buddy, overly tinted windows have been a commonly pulled over offense for the last several years now.
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  6. Good points Sharpy. Do you think Orton is targeted for routine pull-overs? Was the highway patrol having a slow day or some tinted window company set the whole thing up? Or all of the above...none of the above... Lolz
  7. The pigs trying to make a name for themselbes I see

    Ego-Manical bastards
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  8. you forgot to put 'at the end of the day' there, buddy. lol
  9. playing to an audicne of one
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  10. If his windows were so heavily tinted they probably didn't even know it was him. Chances are, they pulled him over and acted like a dick for a while and the whole thing was over before anybody knew what was going on.
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  11. last strike. fire him dubya dubya E
  12. You fire Orton

    You burn money, at the end of the day
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  13. I wish he'd hurry up and fail the wellness testing again. Sadly we'll be stuck with him for a long time otherwise.
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  14. ^ Nah, he won't. He's been doing well for a while now. I don't think he'll go back to his demons, he's got a family now.
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  15. dont know you would want him fired

    he puts your fves over. us your loaf lads
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  16. He puts nobody over. That useless dickbag can't even put himself over let alone anybody else.
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  17. you have to be more optimistic
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  18. he made your mates the sheild look great, and bryan

    could punk, cena or jericho do that? no
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    Sure, you may dislike Orton and that is alright, his mic skills might be bland and all... But to me, his wrestling abilities are great, because, unlike Cena, Randy doesn't have a single wasted movement in the ring.

    Anyways, I genuinely cannot stand Cena. But that doesn't mean I wish him all the worst, like being hurt all the time and shit like that... 'cause that isn't really a human thing to say. These guys give up their lives to perform for us, entertain us. Have some respect for what they do and sacrifice their bodies in order to keep us entertained...
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