Randy Orton 'Refuses' To Wrestle Bray Wyatt - WWE Book Battle Royal To Determine Number 1 Contender

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by El Curry, Feb 15, 2017.

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  1. Wow this is interesting I was annoyed when Wyatt didn't win the RR since I believed it would be better to have Wyatt win the RR, Orton win at EC then Wyatt has his WM moment, but I guess they didn't do that because they do have greater plans as we see here. My only concern is that Orton is playing all these mind games and I hope it doesn't result in him taking the title from Bray eventually. Cena has the Miz match most likely so I'd say Styles is the favourite to win the Battle Royal or maybe dark horse Luke Harper.

    The clip of Orton vowing not to face Bray is below.


    Source: Randy Orton 'Refuses' To Wrestle Bray Wyatt - WWE Book Battle Royal To Determine Number 1 Contender
  2. My guess is Luke Harper wins. Then Harper and Bray will turn on Orton. Leading to Harper vs Orton for the number one contenders spot at Mania, which Orton wins.
  3. I honestly think I'd prefer Harper vs. Wyatt at Wrestlemania 33, but I doubt WWE creative (or Vince:ohyeah:) has the confidence in Harper to main event the biggest stage they got.
  4. I still have problems believing that Orton is under the influence of Wyatt. I think the biggest issue is just the progression of the feud. Orton was feuding with Wyatt and kept losing due to interference from Luke Harper. So after several losses, he joins the Wyatt Family and almost immediately, seems to be playing Harper and Wyatt against each other. He succeeds in breaking Harper and Wyatt apart.

    If Harper and Wyatt turn on Orton, then the entire feud doesn't really make sense to me. Unless, it is revealed that Wyatt KNEW that Orton was only trying to play Harper and Wyatt against each other and they were playing along. So Harper and Wyatt beat Orton to the punch and turn on him after Harper wins the battle royal. So then Orton and Harper fight for the contendership, which Orton wins. I think that would make sense.
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  5. I gotta say its one of those moments that left me scratching my head bookingwise. In a way I'm actually looking forward to seeing what route they go with all this lol.
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  6. It's the first angle with Randy Orton that I have been interested in since he was in Evolution. I've never been big on the guy, but it's got me thinking a lot about what direction his character is going to be taken.
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  7. Triple Threat? Harper/Orton/Wyatt? Seeing Luke Harper in the main event scene for a bit can be cool to see.
  8. So, this may turn in to a Wyatt/Orton/Harper triple-threat. Cool.