Spoiler Randy Orton returns tonight!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by edge4ever, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. He's coming back tonightand will cost Rollins the match when he tries to cheat and beat DB. Randy will then go on to face Rollins at fast lane or Wrestlemania. It's gonna happen!!
  2. *cough cough
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  3. Damn I could've sworn!!! It would've been perfect considering that triple h brought it up.
  4. Didn't happen.
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  5. Unfortunately it didn't happen.. Would've been a lot cooler if it did though.. I miss RKO!
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  6. He was advertised for the show, but oh well.
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  7. I thought for sure we'd see Randy come back....it would've been perfect timing if you ask me.
  8. I'd rather have Orton vs Rollins at Fast Lane and Ambrose vs Rollins at Mania, but we'll see about that, I guess.
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  9. I can see that. However, we've had Ambrose and Rollins so many times. Orton would give Rollins a better match at mania I think
  10. They can pick up on the Rollins/Ambrose feud at any time, it ain't over till it's over.
    Ambrose going over Rollins at Mania would be dope, considering he hasn't had a PPV victory since SummerSlam, and I doubt he'll win at Fast Lane...
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  11. Well true. I mean they can pick up any feud at any time: orton and Cena, perfect example. It doesn't mean they should, however. Not yet.

    I can see Ambrose beating bnb and then going on to successfully defend his title at mania. Matter of opinion I guess lol
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  12. I see it happening like this, BNB retains at Fast Lane probably by a DQ Fest, then they either have a rematch at WM or maybe a triple-threat or a fatal four-way and Ambrose wins. Awesome! lol
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  13. I like ur thinking
  14. Yeah, but I don't really like that idea (I basically expressed WWE's way of thinking in that post up above). It's so bad, I'm afraid WWE might just use it.
  15. they need him back

    he is the greatests of all time, at the end of the day
  16. Here's to hoping he returns tonight, but I doubt it
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  17. I know. You get hard ones for randy
  18. I actually wouldn't mind see Ambrose get a nice defense in a fatal four or something
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