Randy Orton vs CM Punk

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  1. CM Punk

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  2. Randy Orton

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  1. Who will be the bigger legend?
    Who's legacy will be remembered the most in say 50 years?
  2. Neither.
  3. Depends on from which kind of fanbase you look from. The IWC/Smarks will most likely remember Punk's legacy more, with being hyped as "the last territorial wrestler" and all that plus his career in IWA and ROH to add to his WWE career.

    Orton will most likely be more remembered by the casuals/marks. He has that look and a legacy as a third generation wrestler to fall back on. He will thus most likely always be a part of the WWE machine in some way which means that when he makes one off appearances some fifty years in the future like his father does now his in ring career will be hyped by the commentators of that time. His 9 world championship reigns also make him look important to the casual fans I think. Add to the fact that he was part of defining the Ruthless Aggression era.
  4. Pretty much this.
  5. I will remember punk more because of how great he is on the mic and in the ring. Orton struggles on the mic imo. I'll remember them both though of course
  6. CM Punk most likely. The popularity of Punk's run is greater than any of the runs Orton has had as champion. Orton IMO is a better competitor, but Punk is just way more popular to be forgotten, unlike Randy's run which is already beginning to fade from my memory.
  7. I think we could still see a big Orton run. He still has that contract until 2020. When I say big, I mean bigger than his previous ones. Always a possibility.
  8. That guy! ----> :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  9. CM Punk > Randy Orton! END OF STORY CASE CLOSED!
  10. Impossible to say until both are actually retired. If they both retired today though, I think both would be remembered about the same. If I had to go with one of them, I'd go with Orton. I think he's had more career highlights (in the WWE) than Punk has.
  11. Everyone will remember the longest reigning WWE Champion in the history of RAW......

  12. Who?
  13. Your WWE knowledge is close to zero :pity:
  14. Who's the hobo in your sig? Looks kinda like that ROH schmuck that tried to steal Daniel Bryan's monicker :pipebomb:
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  15. :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb: :pipebomb:
  16. His reign hasn't exactly been the most memorable. He's rarely even the main event in most PPVs.

  17. I don't recall Punk calling himself a "goatface" :pipebomb:


    It is not his fault he wasn't in the main event, he entertained me a lot, so I'll remember it....

    You won't ?
  18. You're a Punk mark, obviously you're going to remember it/him. :dawg:
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