Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE title

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

    From WWE.com. Match was set on Smackdown tonight.

  2. Orton is retaining. That I'm sure of. He wouldn't make much of a Corporate champion and it wouldn't be the greatest start to his heel turn if he lost the belt right back to Bryan a month after winning it. It's way too early in the angle for Bryan to be reclaiming the WWE Title and getting his big victory over Orton/the McMahons.
  3. Well, I'm really not sure how long Orton is holding on to that belt but I'm pretty sure it's more than a month, so yeah, Orton retains.
  4. Orton will win, gain more heat. Bryan will be more over than ever (hard to believe it's even possible) and Bryan will eventually have to get help to fight the McMahons.

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  6. :mog: :damn::rollins:
  7. Such a good match, Hebner got a mad pop.
  8. Orton wins, obviously. I expect HHH to be involved in the match somehow.
  9. Orton dq's, Bryan wins.
  10. Three options

    1) HHH
    2) Shield
    3) Orton's kick. DQ
  11. I hate echoing everyone else's sentiments, but I'll go a bit further.

    At NOC, Orton retains. There will either be shenanigans or Orton loses the match by DQ, thus retaining the title. But, whatever happens (I'm betting shenanigans), Orton walks away with the title.

    Shortly after NOC (probably the next night's Raw), some new face authority figure (HBK? Foley? Laurinaitis or Vickie making a face turn?) comes out and says that since Orton couldn't win without help, there just needs to be some way to keep him from getting help and that the perfect way to keep outside interference away is to have another match between Orton and Bryan at Hell in a Cell, where the eponymous match stipulation will keep the Shield/HHH/Vince/The Hand of the Wrestling Gods/whomever from interfering and giving us a clean victory. That match will be won by Bryan.

    At Survivor Series, we'll probably see Team Orton (Orton, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Ryback?) against Team Bryan (Bryan, Show, Henry, Ziggler, Christian?) in a traditional Survivor Series match. I figure that Bryan and Ziggler are the sole survivors, with Bryan affecting the win with a running knee kick to the face, after which Ziggler actually gets the pin on Team Orton's last man (RKO, natch). By the way, if you're wondering why I put this pairing of Ryback and Christian into the mix, it just makes sense for the guy to stand up to "Bully" Ryback to be "Captain 'One More Match' Charisma" Christian. The other alternative I could see would be somebody backed by Heyman on Team Orton and Punk on Team Bryan. Just spitballing on that one.

    Expect the final rematch between Orton and Bryan to be at...

    Crap! Just realized that I forgot all about Battleground. Oh, well, back to the drawing board.

    Now where are my crayons?

  12. Of course Orton retains!

    The sentiment that I only have is:

  13. Yeah, I expect Bryan to gain a bunch of steam at the end of the match and it will look like he will win, but something will happen. HHH, the shield, SOMETHING. Whether he technically wins or loses, I don't think Bryan will be walking away from NoC with the WWE title in tow.
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  14. i'm kind of surprised everyone's saying Orton will win at NOC...

    If Orton wins, then Bryan will technically not be allowed another shot at the title. And I don't see that happening... WWE wants us to think Bryan will get the title eventually.

    Personally, I'm expecting more of a Mankind/Rock back and forth type feud. Bryan will win the title at NOC, Orton and HHH will claim Orton got screwed, and they'll try to set Bryan up to fail at Battleground. Throw some crazy stipulations in there and whatnot.

    People are already saying that this corporate regime storyline will get old soon... I can't imagine another month of the same old shit. I don't think WWE creative can either.
  15. They'll screw Bryan. Bryan will keep on bothering them for another shot.

  16. We'll see... I do think Bryan will get the title at NOC though.
  17. It'll be pretty lame if Bryan wins the title right away... kind of defeats the purpose of the whole "underdog" storyline lol.
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  18. Bryan wins via DQ, Orton still champion.

    The win though allows bryan to get ANOTHER shot.

  19. Regardless of how popular the "underdog" is... a storyline that lasts two months or more is pushing it, if all it is is building up to Bryan winning the title.
  20. A 2 month storyline is venturing into being too long?
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