Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose announced for SD

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Is it for the title? Pumped nonetheless.
  2. Hopefully it'll be a good match. Always wanted these two to feud properly.
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  3. Ha! Like Orton will go for the US title
  4. Ambrose going over Blandy will help him and the title.
  5. Randy has been semi-pushed recently, so I don't see Ambrose going over cleanly. I predict The Shield interrupt and Sheamful comes out for the save, setting up Shield vs Team Boredom at Payback for the tag-team championships. Then either Sheamus or Orton turn heel during that match which sets up the dirty Shield win.
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  6. Fucking brilliant. Gold star for you.
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  7. More heels? Shield, The Family, Ryback, Axel, Henry, Ziggler, Swagger, Cody, Sandow,Wade and Fandango are all heels. On the face side you have Miz, Cena, Sheamus, Jericho and Orton plus Tons of Funk if you really want to count them and ADR.

    14 heels to 8 faces seems a bit unbalanced (I've picked guys they use on the shows normally for this basis, seems really unbalanced unless someone goes the other way)
  8. Yup, more heels. Ziggler will turn face soon, it's inevitable. You have Big E Langston that is going to turn face as well at some point (if Ziggler doesn't anyway he definitely will). You also have Kane as a face, and Daniel Bryan as a face currently. It's not as unbalanced as you think, but naturally there are going to be more heels.
  9. Will probably set up Shield vs Orton/Sheamus for the tag belts so no harm there.

  10. Damn forgot Hell no, still seems a bit too heel heavy currently until the DZ face turn happens especially if the Shield / Ryback are the top heels. Meh guess we'll wait and see.
  11. As soon as Sheamful or Orton turn, Ziggler/Big E will turn. It'll balance itself out again. Also, some of the heels you posted are more or less irrelevant atm. Rhodes is doing nothing, and Swagger is on the downfall again it seems.
  12. To be fair I counted Tons of Funk for the face side so I'm guessing they'll even each other out there.
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