Randy Orton Wants Time Off

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Sep 15, 2014.

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  1. http://www.ringsidenews.com/article/22818/randy-orton-reportedly-unhappy-wants-time-off/

    I know it isn't realistic or feasible, but I wish Randy Orton would just get bored of the wrestling business and retire completely. At least leave for a good 3-5 years or something. Or maybe they should feature him in more movies and see if he can't build a pretty respectable Hollywood career for himself, like the way Batista is starting to do (WWE wouldn't want that, but it'd be a realistic reason for why Orton would leave WWE for a more prosperous movie career while still being young.) He's already reached his apex (no pun intended) and accomplished everything there is to accomplish in WWE, and I don't see him ever climbing back to the same peak he was at in 2009. Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose are the only rivalries I would have any interest in seeing, but I could do without.
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  2. If Orton acts as well as he performs on WWE he will suck! The guy is a charisma vacuum, sucks it out of the room.
  3. They should let him have the time off. He has become absolutely dull beyond all belief. The WWE may still think he's main event standard, but knowing he's in a main event just puts me off watching.
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  4. leave pls
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  5. give him a year off and bring him back with a new gimmick :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. I would love it if orton took like 3months off and performed at Mania or something....this guy, much like Cena, is just stale. He's always the same...and he's simply mediocre at everything. He can put on good matches now and then, but ultimately I'm just waiting for him to get off the TV.
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  7. Give him about 69 years then he can return as a guy in the crowd or something.
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  8. Randy Orton can't pull off a gimmick except moody and boring!
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  9. I disagree. I feel that Orton could be well placed with a different gimmick. I feel that we're so used to seeing him with the same heel character over and over....that he leaves a sour taste in our mouths, much like Cena does sometimes. Give Orton a slightly different look and modified move set, and he could do well I'm sure.
  10. I dunno dude we had that brief face period last year and he still sucked balls! It was short lived though as all The Authority kicked off!
  11. well, it would be a slight gamble but it wouldn't hurt WWE to try this as his current gimmick is shit. And, they kind of have to know it.

    I've seen Orton perform at several house shows and every time he performs, he's very good....he is always getting the crowd to hate him, make people laugh, and he seems like a veteran....then when he gets on Raw and Smackdown...we get the monotone.....no emotion....boring Orton....and I'm like wtf?...where's that house show Orton?
  12. Orton definitely deserve some time off!

    He has been working with the company for over 12-years, He's very hardworking.

    Btw, Why all the hate for Orton?
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  13. his character is worn out, he's repetitive, boring, same gimmick over and over.....he's just BOrton. I blame WWE mainly, however.
  14. Everything Randy Orton does seems awkward. It's as if he just wakes up each day and comes to the ring.
    MOST wrestlers of his stature, I'm sure, turn up the volume, get slapped in the face or do any of the like to get into character.
    Being a main event level has got to be the easiest f***ing sh*t on the planet, yet he hasn't so much has changed his look.
    Orton has stroke. He could wear a jacket, grow his hair, shave his beard, put in contacts but he hasn't. He wonders why he's so bored.

    Punk, Batista, HHH and Hogan are just a few of the guys who altered their physical appearance. Why can't Orton do it?
    No matter how hard he tries. he isn't Jake Roberts but he does have support. Why not try SOMETHING different, anything at all. If not, retire, his personality isn't special.
  15. I don't hate him per se, I'm just bored and burned out on him. At the very least, I wish he'd revert back to being a babyface. I know he prefers being a heel, but no one really wants to boo him anymore. 2010-2013 proved just how popular Orton can be if he's allowed to be the jaded, give-no-fucks personality.
  16. I agree with you, but to be fair, Orton is just doing what he's told by WWE.....I mean im sure he has lots of pull...but most of the time, he's following orders....

    I think he has to know his characters is overdone....so yeah I'm sure if he really threw a fit about it....he could get them to change some stuff...but I think he's just in drifting mode and doing whatever they see fit.....not defending him....but WWE is the main cause for this bs.
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  17. If what you're saying is true, then why can HHH, Batista and CM Punk change their look and Randy Orton can't?
    Following orders is one thing but changing your hair do or wearing a jean jacket is up to the talent. Even the Miz makes suggestions and is granted his request
    Cody Rhodes and Jericho are further examples. Each talent I mentioned, do as they are told, but Randy Orton is somehow different? I don't buy that.

    WWE hasn't stopped Orton from 'animating' himself. Of all the main event talents I've ever seen he and Diesel have to be the most toned down and boring, by a continental mile.
  18. Does that Wrestlemania 25 entrance really impress you? You, of all people. should understand the value of creativity.
    Watching that entrance made him look like pretty boy model, not an unhinged maniac that he had been portraying for sometime.

    2009 was great, in large part, due to writing, his natural look and peaking in terms of his understanding of psychology. He just limits himself more than necessary
  19. PGH, I just don't think randy has the work ethic and dedication to try and give life to his own character, much like hogan, HHH and Punk. I mean, It's not like its wrong to be there just for the paycheck, but sometimes I feel like he has zero ambition. And I'm being generous here because I like him

    edit: He shouldn't NEED to innovate it himself, though, but with wwe's writing, thats almost a requierement.
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  20. He surely does need time off... But where does that leave the current roster? It's gonna become even thinner. I don't wanna see Big Show and Mark Henry (unless he's a heel) in ME scene, and I sure as hell don't wanna see the annoying, stale Cena.
    Randy, while being one of the most stale characters on the show, along with Cena and Sheamus, he always puts on good matches. Not a single wasted movement in the ring. The guy is a great performer.

    His match against Reigns at SS was damn good, it made Reigns step up a bit, from his generic '5 moves of doom' match formula (much like Cena).
    Orton and Del Rio, so far have been the only ones who could bring out the best in Reigns... But that's the story for another thread.

    Yeah, Randy, take time off. Take a year or two. Then, come back with a new look, new music and maybe the fans are finally going to give a fuck.
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