Randy Orton....Whats Next For Him?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by ukwwefan2012, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Randy orton is unquestionably a very talented wrestler. He is a nine-time world champion and is probably going to go into the hall of fame once he retires. However, he is currently doing almost nothing and having new fueds every 1-2 months. I in no way am a big randy orton, infact i stongly disagree with some of the things he has done in the wwe (stop kofi's push, kind of fire mr.kennedy & ruin christian's title reigns, just to name a few). Despite this, i realise that he is extremely talented and wwe should waste him by putting him in fueds that fail to engage the audience. Personally, i enjoyed orton the most when he was a heel in 2007, even his mic skills were bearable at that point.

    Off the top of my head, theese are the things they could do to revive his character :
    1.Move him back to raw - i think if he were to leave smackdown, a top raw superstar would have to swap places with him in order to make that happen. this could help seeing as there are people on raw who he could have good fueds with (lord tensei).
    2.Turn him back heel - this could prove to be the best choice, however i doubt wwe would do this. i deffinately find him more entertaining as a heel than as a face, as his character is more dynamic, he doesnt just bury a heel, get on the mic, say a load of stuff and end it with..'my name is randy orton'.
    3.Give him the world title - this, sadly, will probably be what wwe does. he will probably be inserted back into the world title scene. i am fine with that, because he is a top star, but i would not be happy if he gets the title and keeps this current 'gimmick'.

    what i like is hearing what other people have to say, and i will probably end all of my articles but asking what you guys think of the subject. so, what would you do make randy orton rellevant again? would you turn him heel, switch brands, give him the world title, or maybe something completely different? thank you all so much for listening, make sure you comment and give your opinion. thats pretty much it guys, make a very good day :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I defo think he will be headed back to Raw. Maybe he will feud with Lesnar? I'm no Orton fan, in fact I proudly wear the label of wweforums #1 Orton hater, but I think that would make for a good feud.
  3. I don't think he's the guy feuding with Lesnar. Though if he is it'll explain why Orton has had zero care in the world having terrible feuds and coming off worse every time recently.

    I hope the guy is in for a heel turn. Sure he's over (not as much as he was though), but he's no extraordinary merch seller and isn't a draw as a face, so a heel turn is always possible.
  4. A heel turn is a must for Orton and I still think that the crowd would appreciate him he's just one of those wrestlers that the crowd like I admit not as much recently but thats due to him not having much to do. A heel turn would do him good and reinvigorate his character plus imo he's better heel anyways more suited to him.
  5. I think he should go 2 personality school or get some caffeine in his system
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  6. Orton does not have anywhere to go TBH.

    He has done it all!

    Maybe he should take a year off and come back as a conquistador!

  7. LOLS

  8. You're not a fan of monotone promos either I see.
  9. I'm a fan of shaking hands, smiling and wishing ppl the best. Some ppl call it trolling. Umm
  10. Randy orton'll find is. What I want to know, WHATS NEXT FOR KANE?
  11. Retirement or continuing to put jobbers over.
  12. I guess he'll still be feuding with Kane now watching from last Tuesday's Smackdown.

    As for what next for Orton I see him staying on SmackDown and hopeful turn heel!

  14. We are hoping for the same thing. :shock:
  15. I think Orton is a waste of space, truly. I don't care what people say about creative screwing him over with a babyface gimmick, many people have made it work just fine both ways:

    -John Cena
    -Chris Jericho
    -Eddie Guerrero
    -(Too many others to name)

    It is laziness on his part for not finding a personality for his viper gimmick that doesn't put people to sleep when he isn't wrestling. Bottom Line: His matches are quite good, I just can't bare his promos. They are reminiscent of the Golden Era.
  16. It is pure laziness from creative. I seriously wish just for one episode I could be inside the room where they book it, just to hear the pure stupidity.
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  17. His promos have been bland as a whole for the majority of his career, he just doesn't have nor need even a decent promo. His expressions tell the story, same as Hogan and Warrior neither could cut a great promo but they got the fans involved which Randy does. The IWC finds him boring but the casuals still love him and to Vince that's all that matters.
  18. I'd mark for a Viper return, heel Viper.
  19. He isn't totally boring. He represses his emotions until they seemingly explode out of nowhere. His midair split after his rko on Mark Henry kind of blew me away/
  20. He's done it before, while it was surprising, I wasn't a big fan of it myself. I prefer to remember him as the heel I used to absolutely mark for.
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