Randy Orton/Ziggler @ NoC

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. On Smackdown it was announced that Booker would "decide" on this so it's obviously happening.

    I'm delighted with the news of this personally. Think the match will be great and I'm sure he will put over Ziggler. The storyline fits that happening more than the Jericho one did so I have a feeling Ziggler's winning.

    What do we make of this?
  2. inb4Ortonwins
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  4. ORTON WILL WIN PEOPLE OF THE WF! :emoji_hushed:rton:
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  5. I'm 100% sure Orton will job to Ziggler. A good way to get Ziggler over as a contender too.
  6. Logical thing to do? Ziggler wins.

    :kiss:: Orton wins lol
  7. #wwelogic


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  8. Most people were 100% certain Jericho was jobbing at SS as well. WWe does stupid shit. They will probably have Ziggler lose then win a rematch to open SD.
  9. Hoped Zig's would succesfully cash in at NOC after ADR wins.

    A match with Orton? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:arker:
    Hope the stiff bastard would let him go over. If not, it would be one of the biggest mistakes of this year.
  10. Orton would let Ziggler go over, Vince wouldn't.
  11. Meh.. Ziggler still has to work his ass off to make Orton look good..

    Not sure how it will come out..
  12. Orton is on Ziggler's level (maybe slightly below) in terms of wrestling ability.
  13. The match will be great no question, I'm worried about the result.
  14. Didn't spoke about ability.. I spoke about how stiff Orton has been for the last year.. It's not even fun to watch anymore, bro.
  15. 100 percent?
  16. oh shit
  17. Fuck you Orton.
  18. Rofl, this thread is gold.

    Leo C put it perfectly right here. Orton doesn't mind jobbing, we learned that when Vince gtfoed Smackdown. But Senile Vince has the mind of a 12 year old mark and gets a massive erection when babyfaces win. SO ORTON WINS YAYAYAYAYAY :fap:

  19. lol @ Crayo ignoring my hilarious I told you so bump
  20. That was really stupid. Although I'm not surprised.
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