Royal Rumble Randy Orton

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  1. I said previously in a post somewhere they said his injury will be around 6 weeks in an article on Does this mean he's a definite for the rumble win? The reason I wouldn't care is because I generally think Orton vs Heel Bryan would steal match of the night away from Taker (if he's there) at mania'.

    Or they'll go with the direction which I'd equally love, and that's have Bryan drop the title to Barrett and Orton wins the rumble to face him at mania' as payback for pushing him down the stairs.
  2. I hope Taker isn't there tbh. He could put on a 6* match but everyone will remember Rock Cena. It will be mania 18 all over again. If Orton was to win I'd have Barrett take the title at EC. Bryan gets his rematch at WM and Orton gets his title match. I'm not sure who'd win but probably Orton for the feel good moment then have Barrett take it back 2 or 3 ppvs after and hold it for atleast 4 months.
  3. I see,

    Orton will win the rumble.
    Barrett wins the EC.
    Heel Bryan loses the title @ EC to Barrett.
    Bryan wants his re-match at Mania, Orton wants his match at Mania, Barrett also wants his re-match at Mania.
    Triple threat WHC @ Mania like WMania 22 - Orton, Angle & Mysterio.

  4. Completely agree. Knowing WWE though it'll be "U GUYS WANT MARK HENRY VS BIG SHOW AGAIN YE?".
  5. He can still make a surprise return and do so. But to be honest, I'll be more surprised if he's not in the rumble.
  6. As long as Barrett is involved I don't mind :emoji_wink:.
  7. @"Crayo", I don't like Barret, he runs his mouth too much, and doesn't back it up. He's good, don't get me wrong, but besides Orton falling down the stairs, Orton absolutely dominated Barret.
  8. To tag use [ ] instead of " ". Just a heads up lol. What about Team Barrett beating Team Orton at SVS wade got the pin there.
  9. Yeah WWE didn't use him properly. The guy is great on the microphone, one of the best talkers in WWE right now. Big guy, not bad in the ring, I wouldn't mind giving him a Royal Rumble win. Orton did do well in the feud though no question.
  10. Orton took out Barrets whole team though pretty much, and Barret caught Orton off guard, so I just say that Barret got lucky.