Randy Orton

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Chris1990slater, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Any one else miss the old randy orton?
    The randy orton "the legend killer" With bags of ability but still a coward, He always had great storylines!
    But now as a face he is so boring and i dont look forward to his matches or his fueds.
    Do you think the WWE will change his image or let him go stale? It doesnt help that they have banned his punt, which was a cool move to take a superstar out when he was heel.
    The closest person to bieng the "old" randy orton is cody rhodes and i think he is not far off getting a push for the world title. Maby even win MITB?
    This thread might of already been posted in the past but im new.
    Any thoughts? :otunga:
  2. YES! LEGEND KILLER IS BEST!! He needs to return as heel!! and have his hair as long as it used to be!!!
  3. Glad im not the only one to think this!
    I remember randy orton being held in the air celebrating with other superstars when undertakers music came on as he was making his return and randy orton trying to escape him. I enjoyed that rivalry!
  4. Definitely. Randy Orton from the past was awesome. He was great on the mic too, but he's definitely a better heel.

    Welcome to the forum btw, you should head over to the Ramp to introduce yourself :boss1:
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  5. the shit I like Legend Killer! I liked Legacy best, and Evolution. :]]

    Orton's a natural heel!
  6. A return to the old arrogance of cockiness that he used to have would be welcome, but not calling himself the legend killer or anything. Basing part of your persona on beating/killing legends is a pretty short-term gimmick. There's only so many legends to beat.
  7. I guess yeah he could never go back to legend killer but the arragont orton who goes around RKOing everyone he feels like should be here, Legacy were good againts DX as i like cody, And Evolution dominated! Just feels like he doesnt suit any other role. They could make like another Rated RKO with some one on the same level as edge was and put some spice in the tag team division.
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  8. I preferred Orton as the Legend Killer, his feud with Foley had me glued to the TV each week. I also enjoyed the days when he was the top heel on Smackdown, feuding with Taker. Orton is so much better as heel rather than monkey boy as you see here:

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA i havent seen that before! MEGA LOL :emoji_wink:
  10. LMAO i remember that!
  11. Orton is one of those guys who's stuck either way, he's too bland on the mic as a face yet as a heel he works too slow for me. There is a limit to selling a methodical approach.
  12. Are you saying you hate Randy? :cry:
  13. Plain and simple for me: Heel Orton or GTFO
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  14. I don't hate him, he can cause a reaction with the blink of an eye but he over does things too much for me.
  15. I was actually a fan of his slow methods in the viper heel gimmick, it's all subjective I guess. Any heel Orton I've seen as one of the best. He's dull as a face, he admits it himself.
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  16. Indeed, he works better as a heel. I don't really like his face work, and this gimmick certainly doesn't work then he's a face.
  17. Vipers are no friendly animals, so heel it should be, and give him back his punt, awesome move, perfectly suited for heel-Orton:ryback:
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  18. Who doesn't?
  19. me. :cry:
  20. I think everybody misses The Legend Killer, The Viper is fucking gay.
    Unfortunately though there are no legends left really besides Triple H and Undertaker...I don't think anyone else would be classed as one.
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