Survivor Series Randy Orton?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Nov 10, 2018.

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  1. So Smackdowns team is Daniel Bryan, The Miz, Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, and Rey Mysterio. But where does that lead Randy Orton? Im pretty sure that Orton holds the all time record for most 5 on 5 Survivor Series match wins, so one would assume that he would be apart of this years main event. Could Randys exclusion from the team tie into a story line? Could he betray Team Smackdown and let Raw go over out of bitterness? An RKO outta nowhere to Shane, Rey, or Daniel Bryan could be a huge spot in that match. Or what if he hits Styles with an RKO to cost him a victory over Lesnar?
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  2. Orton could always interfere during the Styles/Lesnar
    match to set up a feud with A.J? Or Orton could take
    out Bryan, Miz or Mysterio on the night and take their

    I'd rather Shane McMahon just fuck off & Orton have his
    spot...but for some unknown reason the WWE seems to
    believe the fans actually give a shit about him.
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  3. Orton should try to interfere, but get his ass kicked by a Strowman who had a similar plan.
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  4. That could work...
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  5. Now if we reallyyy wanna go for it, I say it distracts Lesnar and gets Styles the win like this.
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  6. Well...I'd like to see A.J go over...much like I want Becky to win her
    match...but its most likely Lesnar & Rousey will win their matches...
    clean & free of interference.

    Although Orton hitting the ring, faking an RKO on Styles only to hit
    one on Lesnar (payback for SummerSlam 2016) & Heyman would
    be pretty sweet.

    I'm kind of hoping the Bellas or Nia Jax show up during the Lynch/Rousey
    match & Becky gets the win via DQ...but the same booking/process taking
    place in two matches on the same night isn't going to happen.
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  7. They probably didn't want to trust Randy Orton. Out of everyone on the smackdown roster he is the most likely to be a snake.

    He may screw Rey or Bryan. I think him helping AJ to win would just make him a babyface. I want to see where Randy goes from here as a heel. Probably The Viper's most entertaining run since 2011. He has been somewhat of a zombie since then.