Randy Orton's next feud

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  1. Looking forward to those electrifying promos.
  2. Yeah it's also rumored to be the second big match for the Smackdown brand at HIAC. Keyword Rumored
  3. Yeah, it seems like they're going down that route indeed based on last week's SD, that attack after the show and etc. The matches will probably be good but the promos, as you said... :urm:
  4. Great reporting here, I mean it wasn't obvious when Del Rio attacked him TWICE... :dawg:
  5. Orton should be fed to Ryback. :bury:
  6. :ohgod: Just fire Orton already, nobody cares about him anymore.
  7. The only time i really cared about Randy orton was when he was in Rated RKO
  8. I wish they'd turn Orton already.
  9. Well that's not true at all.
  10. Could be a good one..

    ADR was awesome on mocking Orton on SD, gold.

    Match based, they could go at it and create great matches. The way they look in the ring, (very stiff) could work out great on their preformance together.
  11. Indeed, Del Rio mocking Orton was pretty funny to me. :dawg:
  12. ADR is always gold.
  13. Sure was. :lol1:

    My nameh, is Randeh Ortehn.. :laugh:

    Next thing you'll know, we'll have Orton riding his Escalade into the arena on ADR's theme.. Calling everyone a 'perro' with a thick American accent. :haha:
  14. :lol1: I hope so.
  15. ADR had so many chances for the WHC and lost
    WWE finally realised.
    So they are making a rival for him
  16. :facepalm: that's going to suck ass
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