Randy Ortons Recovery

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  1. "Upon examining Orton last week, WWE physician, Dr. Michael Sampson, informed WWE.com as to his condition.
    “Randy suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level on the left side, and that’s resulting in pain and weakness down his leg,”
    Dr. Sampson explained.
    “He’s going to need some time off for rehab, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.”

    On Jan. 2, WWE physician Chris Amann provided further insight on The Viper's progress.

    “Randy is doing quite well. The pain and the weakness in his leg is subsiding. We expect him to make a full recovery."
    Orton could not be reached for comment.

    Stay with WWE.com for further updates."

    Source: http://www.wwe.com/inside/randy-orton-injury-update

    I am expecting Barret to last to the very end of the rumble, and Orton get spot number 30, and wins the rumble, and goes on to WM to become champion.

  2. Good prediction, I'm expecting something similar. That's if they don't eliminate each other and brawl outside and then the great pale wins (Sheamus).

    I don't mind an Orton win, because that means Barrett will most likely take the belt at EC. Or triple-threat at mania.
  3. You better not mind an Orton win @[Crayo]. :rofl:
  4. Lmao. I'm a fan of the guy and I normally dislike faces.
  5. He's a "Hace".. Heel and Face lol.
  6. Actually that's called "Tweener" :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. I'm predicting a great white win and a triple threat in WM.
    Wouldn't that be awesome?
  8. I wouldn't mind sheamus winning tbh he's a good aggressive wrestlers with a unique look and decent mic skills. Plus as shown by his pops he's got great natural charisma.
  9. He doesn't sell in his matches, that pisses me off.
  10. Sheamus is beast.
  11. I can understand that but isn't that his character the barbaric warrior? They've built up his aggressive streak so much it seems to make him oblivious to pain so if they had him selling every hit from a low carder it would destroy his aura. He does sell but not to just anyway for example when he lost to Henry at Summerslam after being put through the barricade. It made Mark look better because he forced Sheamus to stay down for the countout. Would the same effect have been achieved without the protective booking?
  12. He's always done it since his debut, gets on my nerves. I don't mind Sheamus as a wrestler, character or anything, it's the booking. He squashes everyone, doesn't sell to make anyone good, gets on my nerves lol.