Randy SavageTeenGohanFranktheJock took TysonKidd to the cleaners

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. I doubted Randy's fantasy football skills a little prematurely it seems

    Well done Frank the cock
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  2. Means nothing to me but this thread is amazing
  3. no he didnt fuck yall
    andre johnson sucks
  4. Basically Randy traded a bummy QB (Matt Ryan) + a good WR for the best QB and his favorite player (Rodgers)

    I'm never able to trade for my favorite players :serious:


    He's top 5 if healthy irl & fantasy football. Matt Ryan is the one who sucks. He is run of the mill


    Have you already accepted the deal Tyson? I'll give you a way better trade for A-Rod and Andre lol
  5. F*cking love the little message, you know this is a good and fair deal. What a legend!
  6. i hope they all get injured
    you will see
    you will all see :serious:
  7. is that trade official?
  8. Re: RE: Randy SavageTeenGohanFranktheJock took TysonKidd to the cleaners

    You're not the only one.
  9. Seabs, baby girl, do me a favor and veto this trade:


    it's too lopsided in favor of Savage.

    I'm going to work out a better deal with Tyson
  10. can i veto my own trade? :emoji_grin:
  11. Not sure, possibly. Just click that link and sign in. If not I'm sure Seabs will do it for you.

    I can get you McCoy and Romo or RGIII, whichever you'd want, either is better than matty ryan for A-Rod and Andre.
  12. I'll veto it if Tyson wants to, can't have one side unhappy with a deal.
  13. Tyson and I can discuss a deal and if he likes ours better you can veto the deal with Rammy so we can put ours through?

    if TK wants of course


    I know he loves McCoy though, so he should at least open up talks with me
  14. What evs, you just have until Tuesday to sort it.
  15. I can sort this shit out in 5 minutes if he would just PM me and start negotiating
  16. Sorry ladies I was too busy watching youtube
  17. too busy

    Seabs TK wants that Randy trade nixed. Tyson PM your offer. mccoy is available
  18. Veto'd if you two don't reach an agreement resend the trade to Gohan, Tyson.
  19. okay thank you
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