Rumor Randy was meant to beat Brock.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ricky Daniels, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. I have no official insider rumour to report just something I think.

    I finally got round to see the match; Brock Lesnar against Randy Orton. I obviously heard about the finish through the internet, but still watching it shocked me but it also made me think about all these news articles about it and how stupid they are.
    The fact Brock went straight in basically UFC style with the knees made me think he is fighting for real, then when he made Randy barely able to walk (I doubt we will see Randy the same ever) it made me stand up and take note about the actual state of Orton. This guy is meant to be a legend killer, he is meant to actually be basically indestructible but to see him in this state is not something to be happy about.
    When Randy hit the RKO I think something switched in his head or someone told him that Lesnar wasn't playing ball hence why we saw a banned move in the punt come back probably a true way to defeat Lesnar. Obviously two RKO's and a DDT isn't gonna put out a former UFC champion and when Lesnar looked up and saw Randy going for the punt he probably thought fuck it and destroyed him worse then the Allies against the Nazi's. When he took his gloves off you should of known something was up right then, the man is a fucking UFC fighter, they are told not to take there gloves off to prevent this.

    I don't see how this was meant to be the true finish, I just don't see how in a PG era WWE would want this level of fighting and with the use of a banned move. I'm guessing Brock was supposed to lose. I'm also guessing he won't be punished by the WWE in case this happens again. I would fire someone for this constant disregard for protecting top talent but I'm not Vince McMahon and I don't want to be killed by Brock.
  2. Randy was meant to beat Lesnar? Nah, I don't buy it.
  3. You're being worked.
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  4. I heard otherwise. But I still don't like this. Why bring the punt back.
  5. PG era is supposed to be over. With the blood we saw they might be going back to a more AE/RA era but without the bra and panty matches/sexism.

    They have announced a new era, we are roughly in that transitional phase say late 1996/early 1997 where Stone Cold was starting out. They are building up to beating Lesnar as he is more or less going to destroy the old guard- he has beaten Orton, Cena, Undertaker so whoever beats him is "the man" for the new era.

    They can't keep on wheeling AE stars out to lay the smack down (Austin, Foley, HBK, Rock). I expect The Undertaker to retire soon WM33 or WM 34 at the latest.

    Expect someone to go over vs Lesnar and takers retirement at the same time.
  6. If you think Randy would be using moves like DDTs or the punt with all the theatrics involved in a shoot fight. I suggest you watch more legitimate fighting.

    Brock was always scripted to win. The question is how many liberties did he take with Orton. But Orton was always losing.
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  7. I dont see anyone beating him for some time.
  8. its more the punt i was shocked by, but i love Brock killing guys, just it is shocking some times.
  9. The punt being brought back was not a shoot. Brock is the resident final boss of the WWE landscape. Any wrestler going up against him has to try and hit him with their ultra finisher in hopes of winning, the punt is Orton's ultra.
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  10. I do. Its obvious they are building it up, his contract runs out in a few years anyway and its supposed to be a new era as well.

    They are building up to Hogan bodyslamming Andre or Warrior defeating Hogan. Brock doesn't have to lose clean either but I think he will. WWE has the talent IMHO the problem is booking and perhaps mic skills. You can turn a mid carder into the face of the company in a year or so with the right push/promo (Austin 3:16).
  11. so basically they wont?
  12. Ricky if you have seen matches before Ortons' shoulder injury then he brought out the Punt often but he never hits it and never will again!
  13. i didnt watch wwe that much then dick weed
  14. If you don't watch it that much then leave all this to the people who DO watch it!
  15. I watch it religiously now but at the time I couldn't.
  16. Wait you watch it religiously? Do you wear some sort of preist robes and a cross?
  17. i go full preist mode and find some kids if you get what i mean
  18. Anyway when Bock does get beaten it'll be by Goldberg
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  19. Hard to say. I have missed a dew years from the 1990s through to today but there are patterns in Wrestling i how they do pushes and things like monster heels and what gimmicks work (and are popular). For example you often have.

    1. Mr America (Hogan/Cena)
    2. Mr Monster Heel (Andre/Gonzalez/Khali/Brock)
    3. Mr sneaky (mid sized heel with a mouth, that is The Miz right now, HBK at certain times)

    And there is probably other archetypes. How effective they are depends on the performer.

    Lesnars gimmick is going to get old fast. Its kind of boring watching him suplex city people and he lacks the charisma of other heels WWE has had over the years. Orton has been around since 2002 and in wrestling your shelf life is more or less 5-10 years with a few exceptions like HBK/Hogan/Flair.

    They need someone new, Reigns did not work out so well and they have done things like have Foley hand over his bat to Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe is not really that different conceptually to Mankind lol.

    Will WWE screw it up is the thing. Lesnar has beaten the old guard (Undertaker, Cena, Orton) and if they bring back Goldberg I expect him to beat Goldberg as well. The person who beats him in effect has indirectly beaten the AE/RA erastars and will get a major push by the company.

    This is just IMHO but a heel turn by Reigns and a face turn by Stiles I expect in the near future (within a year). Reigns started to get cheered when he acted like a tweener with Rusev and Lana.
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  20. I doubt it. Their match was crap at WMXX and it will work better if he beats goldberg and someone else beats Brock after that. Its not like Goldberg will be the new face of the company either and that is what they want/need right now.

    Cena is basically a part timer. And even the greats of the AE most of them their push only lasted 5-6 years before they retired or went and done something else. The AE stars are either retired or part timers or come back for special occasions.

    Goldberg is still better known for his time in WCW, he is old and even in his prime he was not a good wrestler and was known for being unsafe to work around, hell he ended Bret Harts career with a botch. His time was in the Monday Night Wars and he worked because of the way he was packaged.