Randy's Heel Run *Spoiler?*

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Jul 30, 2013.

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    After watching the latest edition of RAW I think it's pretty safe to assume that Orton will cash in at SummerSlam against the winner of the WWE title match(which would preferably be Bryan) to win the WWE Championship and turn heel. Now,I may be looking too far into this but the way Vince was acting on RAW makes me feel that Orton will end up being his corporate lacky that will do his bidding. I don't think that making Orton into this corporate heel would really benefit anything,unless, Orton would represent Vince in the forecoming match over the WWE against Triple H and Stephanie where Bryan could represent them. That would be ok but it would mean Orton and Bryan would be feuding for quite a while. What do you think? Do you think Orton will be a corporate heel and would you be ok with him and Bryan being put in the Vince,and, Triple H(w/Steph) storyline over the full control of WWE?
  2. Yeah, it appears as though he is going heel. The comment vince made about wanting a guy like triple h was 15-20 years ago seems like Orton. Could be wrong, i've been wrong before.
  3. Randy would be the most logical choice,behind Cena he was Vince's go to guy before Punk did that "pipebomb" in 2011.
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  4. I won't have an issue with this if/when it does happen. Bryan's current character suits chasing a title more than it does holding one IMO.
  5. Orton is turning heel? Wouldn't be surprised, but we've heard that story so many times...
  6. The thread isn't just about him turning heel,it's about what type of heel he'll be and how he'll be used during his heel run.
  7. Vince made it seem like he was against Bryan on RAW, so maybe Randy could become the Corporate Heel.
  8. I know, but the first thing they should do is turn Orton heel. Maybe cashing in can turn him but they've tried to turn him a lot of times... I think he'll play his usual heel role. Nothing else but a predator hunting titles and blah blah blah.
  9. :hmm: I could see it happening, but maybe after the title defense. I say let Daniel Bryan get a roll up pin, or a similar win that's questionable of still Bryan being able to barely beat Cena. Vince still says Bryan isn't his type of guy, someone that won't be a good champion, and that there won't be two flukes in a row against Cena. Cena gets his rematch, which Bryan wins cleanly, maybe even a tap out. Then Orton comes out and cashes it in, but instead of having the announcer announce the cash in, have Vince come out and announce it, then have him by ring side. Have Bryan put up a decent fight, maybe even get Orton into the YES lock and have Vince knock out the ref, then have Vince knock out Daniel with the title, and another ref comes out and counts for Orton's win.
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  10. I'm fine with it. I mark for heel Orton, and I mark for face Bryan. Bryan chasing titles is fun, but I do hope one day he gets a decent title reign.
  11. Sounds very good. Fits well with what Vince says, that he wants someone who isn't Cena or DB and all. Orton as Vince's corporate champ is good.
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