Rangers put into Division 3

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. My emotions in order after hearing the news.






  2. Lololilokollololol
  3. There has been a lot of partying in the Albin household.
  4. I look forward to seeing the Rangers fans fight over 20 tickets when they visit East Stirling.

  5. What's the bets the SFA lose the balls and puts them into Division 1 anyway. I just have a funny feeling the SFA won't uphold it.

    Pissed off though as it means Celtic will win the title for at least the next 3 years :upset::serious:
  6. Yeah it looks bloody ridiculous really doesn't it. Then again, look at how many Queens Park get, yet they play in the national stadium.
  7. :terry:
  8. This is nuts. Is it just because they are financially broke as fuck? I don't understand how this could happen lol
  9. Yeah they went out of business, reforming as newco.
  10. That's crazy. How bad was their business plan lol? Bringing in all those titles and attracting 50k fans per home match and you can't keep your head above water?

    Feel bad for my dudes' Carlos Bocanegra and Maurice Edu.

    also how bad are they going to run through that league? Won't they just win every match by 5 or 6 goals?
  11. I can post a longer explanation when I get home, but basically they were crippled by a cripple.

  12. To be honest I think the SFA have been naive for years, when the Gretna situation happened that should have brought a change into the way Scottish Football works but unfortunately nothing was done from that, and it took a big club to go under for the SFA to finally decide things needed changing.

    I hope to god they don't bring in the SPL 2 idea, as that would just prove the SFA have bottled it with Rangers.

    I also hope that Rangers don't get promoted from division 3 in the first season, while I think they will piss it, I am tempted to bet a cheeky fiver they won't.
  13. Well said.

    The SFA are full of morally corrupt clowns who are fortunate to even have a job that doesn't require asking "Do you want fries with that?" never mind be in the powerful positions they are in. Doncaster and Regan are barely even in touch with reality, and if they aren't out of their jobs within the next 2-3 months then they are extremely fortunate men.
  14. It wasn't a failed business plan, it was simply ran by morons. They were spending X amount on players when they were broke as fuck. Why were they broke as fuck? Because they keep overspending and were in in a hell of debt.

    And 8 or so of their top players have already left -- for free -- and more are expected to not move to New Co. So I don't think they'll storm them at all but they'll probably win.
  15. I'm interested to see what they'll do with Ibrox, surely it would further cripple them to open the entire stadium if they're no where near a sell out when you factor in stewarding costs and what not.
  16. I'd assume they'd still get 40K home fans? just the away attendances would drop dramatically?
  17. I'm unsure tbh, dropping down to the third division would remove a lot of glory fans. Imagine if that happened to Manure / Chavski, they'd pull in a 10th at best of their average gates.
  18. Hell no will they still get that many. There's a ton of glory supporters. They won't sell out ibrox against those low-ass teams.

    And away games will significantly be affected too. Rangers are literally starting from scratch. Their argument to get into division 1 was that they had to maintain a massive stadium, while others in div 3 didn't have that problem. Fuck that.
  19. I'd imagine they'll just open a half of it or something. I'm pretty sure Whyte sold the stadium to Greene who I imagine will rent it out to them so he can make money and then bugger off.

    They won't get out of the 3rd division that easily is my prediction. They are gonna struggle to get a team together on realistic wages in the space of like 4 weeks?