Discussion in 'Sports' started by Black Mamba, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Whats your opinions on the situation at Glasgow Rangers?

    I feel they have been treated very harshly
  2. Yea same but everyone who stayed should be knighted
  3. I'm personally a fan of the way they've been treated. What they did was stupid and wrong and they deserved to be punish (IMO). Plus, every Rangers fan I know are wankers, though I'm not saying you are (if you're a fan that is). But anyway, I think it's the best thing for them to be in division 3.
  4. I might type out a longer post but basically the cheating fucks deserve it.
  5. I'm over the moon that they've been s*** on by everyone, they deserve it, feel sorry for the fans but i've hated Rangers for as long as I can remember so great!
  6. Why?


  7. They cheated to get their players with money they didn't have affectively.
  8. They're cheaters, they're racist, El Hadj Diouf spits on fans the manky little s*** and once again, they're cheaters.
  9. Well in that case almost every team in England are cheats with their massive debts
  10. Because year after year they've continued to spend money that they don't have. They've shafted the tax payer over 100 million pounds, they've shafted every single SPL team for years and getting put into the third division for doing all of this is the least they deserve. At least 40% of their fanbase are bigoted sectarian twats going by their ridiculously LQ forums and their pathetic sectarian songs whenever they come to Easter Road.

    For so many years the SFA/SPL have bent over and took it from Rangers and Celtic. Every ruling is made to fit them. The difference in prize money between 2nd and 3rd is fucking ridiculous - why - cause the Old Firm could stay on top that way. The voting system requires a 11-1 majority - why - so if The Old Firm had a stance on something they would always win.

    Good riddance.
  11. They still pay the money though, Rangers just didn't pay.
  12. Rangers basically commit fraud lol. United are what, 400m in debt? But we make like 100m a year and are easily in a position to pay that debt off and use money to make signings. Rangers weren't if I recall correctly. I didn't really study this, I just mocked loads of mad fans I knew lol.
  13. Yeah, Rangers didn't even pay for their signings while the English clubs pay off that debt over time.
  14. Lmao. Yep totally correct.

    Still, I'm gonna miss all these 0-3 wins @ Ibrox :emoji_slight_frown:

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  15. You haven't won at ibrox in two years
  16. Meh year and a half, still better than like every other SPL team aside from Celtic.
  17. I have no opinions on them
  18. If a team does what the Rangers did then it is basically fraud and being relegated to the third division is in my opinion too easy on them. They should have taken the entire club apart and not allowed it to reform in my opinion.
  19. The big problem with that is it causes the fans to suffer, say you've followed a club for 50 years then someone says " LOL you can't support them anymore they're gone forever kthanxbai" It's them who suffer not the idiots who fucked up IMO banning all those who were in charge of Rangers and caused it's plight is better.
  20. Yeah, I agree, I hate Rangers and hat them even more after this and even though I don't like the fans, I can't help feeling sorry for them. As it's certainly not their fault.
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