Rank the current champions 10/18/2012

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. What do you guys think of the current champions and how well they are here at this date and time? From a scale to 1-10 and why, now explain :otunga:
  2. I don't have the time to do all of them right now but I will bring up an interesting point about Cesaro.

    He seems to be the only heel champion who is booked physically strongly. He wins all his matches cleanly and is made out to be a big deal in ring. Even Punk has more and more descended into the murky area of dirty wins lately whilst Cesaro just hits his neutralizer.
  3. Punk - Great WWE Champion and has been good all year long. Now that he's the top heel again, his promos have improved and Raw pretty much centers around him right now. Best heel champion in years.

    Sheamus - Decent World Champion, he has great matches and lately I think his in-ring work has improved a bit. Should probably work on his promos or just stay away altogether, but his workrate is killer and the crowd loves him.

    Cesaro - Great champ so far, very physical matches. He has been dominant since his debut and is being booked as a very strong champion.

    Eve - Don't really care too much about women's wrestling, but Eve is hot as hell so I watch her. She has improved her ring work as well, thanks to studying Gracie Jutjitsu. Probably the best female heel alongside Vickie right now.

    Hell No - Just great all around. Funny segments, great matches, and their chemistry both in and out of the ring is phenomenal.

    Kofi - As a multi-time midcard champion, Kofi has proven to be a good champ. The crowd loves him, he was great matches and brings some prestige to the midcard titles. Glad he is champ again.
  4. Punk - Best thing on RAW at the moment and one of the hottest products in wrestling. All his promos are fantastic, and his ring work has been great this year.

    Sheamus - Abysmal. Can't cut a promo to save his life, no one who comes up against him looks good in any way, he still can't sell, he gets tired way too easily. Boring, overbooked etc.

    Cesaro - Keeps growing on me because of his work inside the ring. Needs to cut a better promo and perhaps shake his gimmick up.

    Eve - Did someone say snack break?

    Hell no - Fan-fucking-tastic.

    Kofi - I wanted him pushed and this sort of counts, but the feud has been piss poor. Too short of a reign to rate.
  5. Punk-Except for the Respect thing (which is not thaat bad, just meh), everything else is spot on, his matches, his promos... after his heel turn, that is. That helped a lot.

    Sheamus-Only looks good sometimes because he works with talented guys, booked much stronger than he should be, can't talk. Poor.

    Cesaro-Horrible character, although I'm always entertained by his matches, he's an awesome worker. He's booked strong (which is good for a heel midcarder like he is), which is nice, they just have to get him a character he can work with.

    Kofi-Just began, can't say much. I hope it's different from his last few reigns though.

    Hell No-Awesome, the story cracks me up and it's very nice for the tag division to get some attention again.

    Eve-OK for Diva standards, the storyline's alright and she wrestles well (then again, for Diva standards).
  6. Eve as divas' champ is good. She can wrestle better than most and IMO she's mastered her hoeski character. There's still room for improvement, so 8.

    Antonio Cesaro's title run has been ok. His matches are entertaining than most, my only problem is his inability to get heat. "I speak 5 languages" who the fuck cares :haha: The typical "I'm not American" role is so unoriginal. He gets a 5

    Kofi Kingston just got the title and I think he's one of the better athletes on Raw. He's not that awesome on the mic, so basically he stole Shelton Benjamin's spot. I predict this to be Kofi's last mid card title tun before he is pushed into the main event. I can't rate him because it just started.

    Sheamus' title run is worse than Triple H's run while he was in Evolution and worse than JBL's long ass run on Smackdown. He's boring, he doesn't make sense, he's repetitve, and his ring work isn't one of a main eventer. I don't care how much Triple H says he's "hungry" for the top spot, he fucking sucks and he doesn't come close to deserving it. He gets a 2

    CM Punk's title reign has become boring and the reason is because he dropped the pipebimb phase and went into this whole respect thing. Where have I seen that before...oh yeah Undertaker when he was the American Bad Ass except he could pull that off. I want to blame Punk, but I believe he's crippled by PG and not being able to cross the line as much as he should be. He has had some great matches and I think we're all relieved just to not have Cena having the belt, so he gets an 8
  7. Antonio Cesaro - I'm happy he's champ but other than that? What's there to it?

    Eve - :fap:able

    Kofi - Well deserved and I hope he takes it to new heights and adds credibility to it. He has awesome in-ring and promo work.

    Sheamus - Fuck You

    Team Hell NO! - They themselves garnered so much interest in the Division.

    CM Punk - Great Title run as of late. The respect thing is kinda lame and the only reason is because CM Punk keeps on winning and he's still not getting respect when Cena fully said, "If you walk out of NOC as champion, you'll get my respect." Fucking Bullshit and I hope he beats Cena's reign.
  8. JBL's reign was good :gtfo: WRESTLING GAWD SHAVE THAT FRO :jbl:
  9. :haha: of course it was

    You mad because my fro supasses yours :otunga:
  10. Punk - Great In-Ring Competitor, but way too overfed to the audience. Overrated at times, but delivers great promos from time to time. Needs to drop the title as his reign has become stale

    Sheamus - Same as Punk, except not as good as Punk in the ring

    Cesaro - Way to underrated, can be decent but stuck with a generic foreign heel gimmick

    Eve - Added a little interest to the dying division, needs a real contender now

    Hell No - Best Champions on the roster, only thing that makes me want to watch WWE. Sad to see them take a backseat to CM Punk recently as they are they have used both of them very well - Bryan good both in tag and singles, Kane superb in tag. Reviving the dead division

    Kofi - Great Highflyer, not enough exposure to be considered good as of yet, hopefully his feud with Miz adds some interest if Punk doesn't hog it all
  11. Punk - 6/10
    Punk is great, but he's getting really boring, it's the same shit every week..

    Sheamus- 0/10

    Cesaro- 6/10
    I like Cesaro, but his gimmick needs improvement

    Kofi- 0/10

    Hell No- 10/10

    Eve- 7/10
  12. Punk- 2/10 He's being so annoying now.. RESPECT AND BITW is ALL he talks about! And he isn't very nice to the Hall Of Famers..

    Sheamus- 8/10 He's being a great World Heavyweight champ.

    Cesaro- 0/10 Nothing I can explain... I'll tell you why later. :pity:

    Eve- 9/10 She's doing great! She is improving well!

    Team Hell No- 10/10 The best tag team champions ever! Nothing else I could say.

    Kofi Kingston- Kofi's doing amazing. He's high-flying and he's great in and outside the ring.
  13. Punk – Many will disagree, but I think his reign has been awesome right from the beginning. Yeah, his face promos were corny at times, but he more than compensated with some awesome fueds and matches with Ziggler/Henry/Bryan/Jericho. His heel run, despite being given a pretty generic gimmick, has been fantastic so far and his promos are pretty much the reason I bother to watch Raw.

    Sheamus – I’m sorry but fuck this guy. He’s managed to have a horrendously dull title reign despite fueding with all the best guys in the company. The Del Rio fued was one of the most boring I have ever seen and just thinking about it makes me cringe.


    Cesaro - I find him to be one of the most irritating people to watch in WWE. Not because he’s bad, but because he’s this fantastic ring worker who is made to spend most of his time cutting promos which he’s absolutely horrible at. I haven’t seen any of his previous mic work so maybe that is a little harsh given his crappy gimmick.
    Eve – She’s probably the nearest thing to an interesting Diva ATM, still don’t give a fuck.

    Team Hell no – This has been one of the best things WWE has produced in a while. In all honesty, if someone had suggested this a few months ago I’d have probably told them to fuck off as it would be corny, dull and a total waste of Bryan. However these comedy segments have been absolute gold and extremely well written and delivered by WWE’s standards.
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  14. Fantastic post and completely agree, just wish you were more vocal when I was the loner defending his face reign around here :upset:.
  15. I did defend it sometimes :sad: But yeah we seem to be the only ones on here (besides Sandy, of course :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) who enjoyed Punk's face run.
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