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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Long ass post in spoiler

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    Even fannypacks were cool at one point

    #1 - Shawn Michaels


    Mr Wrestlemania, the main event, the showstopper and my top member of the Kliq. It's been a great career for Shawn. I'm not sure if I should even bother posting videos but I will cos it's a Seabs' thread.

    The matches - Great HBK matches? I'll be here all night, still I'll limit myself to 4.​


    Against The Phenom at Wrestlemania 25


    The controversial clash with Bret at Survivor Series 97.


    The psychological war with Mankind at IYH, I rave off this match as well it's dope.


    A full out war between two greats on the grandest stage of them all, does it get any better?

    He was not an outstanding speaker but he cut solid, some great heel promos and stole the show every goddamn night in the ring. I'm bias but HBK comes in at number one for me.

    #2 Scott Hall​


    Say hello to the bad guy, chico.​

    The matches?​

    I'm sure you'll have realized this wasn't present on HBK's list and many will wonder why, it's mainly to avoid repition. As great as their match at WM10? Nope IMO but it's still a fine example.

    Clashing with Bret why wasn't this a mainevent match exactly?

    The promos ​

    A truely great speaker IMO, he always found a way to convey a great array of emotions.

    #3 HHH​


    The game the King of Kings, looking back on it his heel run in 2000 has to be the best ever, his poor runs whilst in Evolution bump him down abit. Never as good as the other two but if he's the median rank in the group you know how great this team was.



    How great is this match? 4 of the greatest performers of all time clashing in a great paced main event, this is how you structure a crowd.


    Possibly the greatest match in WWF history.


    I just pulled this random promo from YouTube 2000 was an awesome time for him. Was anyone better this year even?

    [size=x-large]Big Sexy Kevin Nash[/size]​


    I'm not the biggest fan of Big Kev (soory Dolph's) and don't have any notable matches for him but as a promo guy there weren't much better in the mid to late 90s IMO.


    His main strength was picking up a nitro mic and cutting loose, I never watched WCW in his prime sadly but looking back he was madly over and rightfully so a truly charasmatic mofo.


    I should list more but I'm too lazy to search.

    Sean Waltman ​

    The least complete member of this group was a major part in raws best ever match, how great were these guys as performers? He was a very good cruiserweight performer and always held that title well, his team with Road Dogg was decent but matched the gelling of the New Age Outlaws.




    The best match on raw history IMO, Bret again shows his class and Pac shows he's no slouch.


    Clashing with another Hart this time Owen.

    Short version

    1 HBK
    2 Scott Hall]
    3 HHH
    4 Nash
    5 Waltman

    Out of these 5 members how do you rank them, basing it on nothing but your enjoyment of them.
  2. If its based purely on enjoyment, my ranking is this:


    PS if you include Hart/Nash for the title which is Nash's best match ever, all of them had one of their best matches against Bret ; except HHH who never really got into a 1on 1 feud with him.
  3. Where be Justin Credible? And yes, Credible was legit a part of the Kliq during his original WWE run apparently.
  4. Nash/Hall
    X Punk

    The Outsiders were my favorite, though I recognize that HBK was easily the most talented performer of the group.
  5. I was using the crew in the OP picture, mainly cos if I didn't it would have been too big even by my standards.
  6. Hall

  7. Justin Credible was only the rumored unofficial sixth member of the Kliq. Never confirmed, and he sucks anyhow.

    Shawn Michaels is the best single performer of the group. Not the best talker, but still a damn good one.

    Triple H is a good-but-only-sometimes-great wrestler. He's overrated. Some people should take notice and realize that his best matches are always gimmick matches, which are easier to excel in than just normal wrestling matches. He's also only a slightly above-average talker. I'd put him below Michaels in both categories.

    Scott Hall was a pretty damn good performer in the WWF but lost something when he went to WCW (or more likely, just got lazy because he was getting paid huge Ted Turner money either way.) Always a great talker, though.

    Kevin Nash isn't the best wrestler but he's still my favorite big man (unless you count Undertaker) and has the best powerbomb of anyone. He's the best talker in the group.

    X-Pac is the little runt of the group. He's a good and underrated performer (depending on his alcohol level) but he absolutely sucked on the mic.

    On a side note, in another universe, wouldn't the Kliq have made a great on-screen group? Would have been pretty similar to the NWO.
  8. The group would have been incredible, one of my fantasy wrestling thoughts was if HBK jumped ship in 97. He'd have been 2nd in command to Hulk in the NWO sure but still what a group that could have been. Also wasn't Hogan an accquitence with them?
  9. With the Kliq? Never heard of Hogan having anything to do with them. Nash and Triple H weren't even around yet when Hogan was last in WWF in 1993 at that point. I don't know that the other three were really an official 'group' backstage yet at that point. And Hogan was missing throughout almost all of 1992 and early 1993 when Hall and Waltman debuted and before Michaels was starting to get a singles push.
  11. I swear I heard Hulk was affiliated with them somewhere, although his relationship with HBK makes me question that.
  12. 1 HBK
    2 Scott Hall
    3 HHH
    4 Waltman
    5 Nash
  13. HBK
  14. I'm going to preface this by stating I'm not the most familiar with each member of the Kliq (though I do plan on trying to get around and watch all the videos Seabs posted that I haven't previously) so take that for what you will.

    I. Shawn Michaels, and it's not even close. HBK is by far my favorite wrestler period, and it seems redundant to even try to explain why as it's not exactly the most original answer and is actually borderline cliché. Normally, I'd still attempt to give a brief explanation anyway, but I'm not going to bother this time.

    II. Triple H. While not a close second, he is a definite second. I don't really rank Triple H all too highly personally, but he has had several great matches, quite a few good promos, and I've always liked him. I'm also more experienced with him than I am the other members so it's kind of hard to not rank him number two.

    III. Sean Waltman. Yeah, in all honesty I probably shouldn't rank him third because I haven't enjoyed all of what I've seen of him compared to all of what I've seen of my number four but I've enjoyed his match against Bret a hell of a lot more than any match from my number four. He's being placed on here entirely for that Raw match against Bret, and while that's not entirely a fair way of doing this, if it's based only on enjoyment, I've got to go with him for third.

    IV. Razor Ramon. I've kind of stated my reasons in number three for why he's fourth. From all I've seen, I've enjoyed but not really enough to really have me rank him all too highly. Certainly not enough to top that Raw match against Bret.

    V. Kevin Nash, easily. I never have and I never will care about Kevin Nash. Okay, his powerbomb was awesome but I need more than that to invest in someone or to find much enjoyment out of them.
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