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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. This is from my EWR game that is from a July 97 scenario. In the game world I am almost 2 years in.

    I have way too many people that are over so I decided to start making tag teams and put emphasis on the tag division

    1.) The Rock & Road Dogg- The New Age Outlaws
    Billy Gunn's stats sucked and he and Road Dogg never meshed in the simulator. Once Rock can up from development I paired him with Road Dogg and stole the name. They fit well. Rock is currently WWF Champion but he still tags with Road Dogg on occasion
    2.) Triple H & Shawn MIchaels- DX
    Shawn Michaels hadn't left for injury yet so I get to have him around. These are mostly singles guys but I incorporate some tag matches into their singles feuds
    3.) Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas- The Super Elitists
    Managed by Ted Dibiase, this is one of my favorite created teams. JJ was given the 'franchise player' gimmick in WCW similar to Douglas in ECW. Their skills match up perfectly and add in DiBiase as the manager and they've won the tag titles on two separate occasions
    4.) Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle- Y2JAngle
    My two top heels who have teamed up out of necessity due to the booking becoming so tag team heavy. Both are incredible workers with gobs of charisma, probably future tag champs
    5.) Mankind & Raven
    Current tag champions. Both are good brawlers with charisma and darker gimmicks. These two weirdo outsiders found they have much in common
    6.) Taz & Dean Malenko
    Sort of an odd pairing but both are great technicians who utilize a variety of suplexes and throws. A staple of the division, one of my top heel teams
    7.) Sting & Macho Man
    I steal all of WCW's talents and these were just two of them. Neither had great in ring skills at their advanced ages so I decided to pair them up and not expose them as singles guys
    8.) Edge & Christian
    Started in development and were recently called up. Feuding with The Hardyz
    9.) The Hardyz
    Also started in development, now in the face vs face feud with E&C
    10.) Marc Mero & Ken Shamrock- Blue Steal and Sex Appeal
    I guess Shamrock is the Blue Steal but Mero is definitely the sex appeal. Partnered up these two because neither had much charisma but were solid workers, they are managed by Sunny
    11.) Charlie Haas & Christopher Daniels- Bad Influence
    Swagger jacked Daniels and Kaz obviously because Kaz was nowhere to be found. These are two of my best workers and will be future champs. BOth have brawling and technical abilities at 90+. Studs.
    12.) Goldberg & D'Lo Brown- The Romper Stompers
    Goldberg will be a singles guy eventually but these are two charismatic brawlers who work well together. Romper Stompers is the GOAT tag name
    13.) Sabu & RVD- The ECW Marks
    Both have decent speed so they work well together. RVD doesn't have much charisma though and Sabu can't talk in kayfabe at this point, so they need a manager or something. RVD was originally in a tag team w/ Jericho called the Dudes but Jericho turned heel on his ass.
    14.) Bret Hart & Brian Pillman- The New New Hart Foundation
    I had Owen and Bret tagging some but Owen wasn't getting over and then he was pissed at me so I cut him from my company. Pillman isn't a very good worker in this scenario (post car accident) so Hart basically carries them. Hart is also IC champ and involved in mainly singles feuds
    15.) Scotty 2 Hotty & Grand Masta Sexay-- Too Much
    Before they were Too Cool they were Too Much apparently. Lawler's boy hurt himself and has been out for 7 months, 2 left until he returns. they are both solid workers and may get a decent push once GMS is back
    16.) AJ Styles & Jamie Noble- The Assholes
    These two went through my development and came out as beasts. Both have incredible workers stats. They both are 'Angry Young Man' gimmicks who are 20 years old and they got over instantly after the main roster call up. Styles is hurt now though, so push is on hold
    17.) Super Crazy and Shane Helms- The Super Fags
    Nice face high flying team managed by Stacy Keibler
    18.) Muta and Chono- Kill Bill
    Two top Japanese stars who I brought to my promotion, the Great Muta and Masahiro Chono. I paired them before realizing they had actually been a tag team IRL in Japan. Muta was past his peak and pretty beat up physically by this time but Chono is an amazing brawler. They are my only 'tweener' team so they can feud with anyone, though they typically are the team to do the job.

    I'm almost two years into this scenario, by far the deepest I've gone into an EWR game. Usually I get bored after 6 months or so. I've had this game file for almost a year of real time :damn:
  2. Wow.....Some good Tag Teams there....Styles and Noble....Future Tag Champs....

    These beat any tag teams I've ever done in any of my Saves (It beats my Combat Team of Sami Callihan and Drake younger)
    I'd say these are nice teams.....Haas and Daniels as Bad Influence....Nice....
    BTW.....Where is Russ Haas in your game (Sure he was alive around that time)
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  3. He is in development still. He's 24 with 84 charisma. He has 84 technical ability as well, so not bad.

    I was planning to tag he and Charlie but Charlie Haas was a beast and a lot more talented + ready for his main roster call up a lot sooner
  4. Ah, I gotcha.....I remember trying a 1998 game.....It was a mock game.....I Gave the WWF Title to the Brooklyn Brawler for the Lols.....I still got ratings!
    I Also got a few....WCW talents in such as Stevie Ray and Booker T.....Ray became my IC Title holder and Booker became a Tag title holder with Stevie.....I still got the Ratings! Still better then Russo!
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  5. btw Idk if any of you still play EWR or if I'm the only nerd who still does, but the tag feud idea I had works perfectly. before I was leaving tons of over talent without feuds but this way I can include nearly everyone.

    I can still have big singles matches at PPVs that get the boost from being a rivalry match, and then finish feuds on my tv show with a tag match. Plus tag matches score super high ratings, like I get 5 star tag matches a lot easier than 5 star singles matches for some reason
  6. Some nice teams there. I need to get me some EWR and get into it some time.
  7. Yea there are gobs of scenarios that I've tried but this one is the one I've done the most with by far. I've never tried just booking dumb shit amazingly enough, sounds fun lol
  8. I play EWR to kill some time sometimes....Got a serious PWG game with Prince Devitt as my Champ.....The Amount of 5 star matches he got with Chris Hero....
    Oh and I suspended Nick Jackson for Taking Drugs :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. It's a Wrestling Booker Simulator where you take control of a promotion.....It's good to kill time, especially with the monthly updates from the community.
  10. I thought you might mark for Kill Bill

    I was watching some NJPW matches of Chono/Mutoh from the 90s. Good stuff :obama:
  11. Chono is BAMF
  12. ....I just started a 1999 game with WCW.....Time to make it better then Russo....
  13. so much fat to trim from that original roster. like 140+ workers probably lmao
  14. My favorite match of his that I saw was vs Rick Rude for the NJPW title.
  15. Oh....I'm going to have fun in making people pissed off.....
    I think some of us should work together on a Mock BTB where we fuck over WCW.....(Change Gimmicks, Piss workers off, Book outrageous matches....)
  16. I need to go back and rewatch so much Chono work now.
  17. so you mean... book just like they did in WCW back in the day?
  18. Yeah....
    I just changed the Giant's gimmick to Adult Movie star.....There's another reason why they call him the Giant....
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