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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Y2J Enigma, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Well, I was looking through the staff and was wondering... why is everything so mixed up? Like, you have Chairmen, Crew, Moderaters, Creatives, and Members of the Month (I know, Legends and Supertstars are different). What if you named the staff something that relates to WWE and you keep a ranking of highest to lowest power. For example, assuming Moderators are given the lowest amount of power, they could be named General Managers. And the Chairmen have the highest power, and they could keep that name as Vince is the Chairman of WWE and he has the most power. In between could be things like Vice President, etc. What do you guys think?


    Oh, another example could be like a new poster who barely joined would keep the ranking "Jobber" until he/she reaches 100 posts. From 100-1000, you could keep the name Mid-Carder. From 1001-5000, Main Eventer, etc. until you become a Mod or Chairmen or whatever.
  2. I should be VP of talent relations, I wanted the GM stuff at one point but it was rejected as it wouldn't look great on the userbar. We have post based usertitles also, which change based upon the amount of posts you make, however upgraded members can modify this to what ever they wish.
  3. Idk, I think it could bring something unique to have something like that... Up to the staff obviously.
  4. Sounds pretty good, but it's up to Crayo what happens because if I change things to suit me, he'll cry.
  5. Make him cry Xanth. Make him cry. :otunga:
  6. He's already had a bitch fit over the bear in your userbar hasn't he?
  7. Yep. That won't be getting removed though.
  8. No one removes Tim the bear
  9. It so will. I'm just lazy and haven't found the other userbar yet.

    I wanted Crew to be General Manager but it's too long for the userbar. We already have usertitles, click here to see them explained.

    As for other ones, I agree. Eventually we'll probably have an Administrator underneath myself and Xanth, but we don't need one yet. Once we get one, we'll probably call that the EVP or something. It's hard as we don't have enough ranks yet. Moderator can be changed to Crew perhaps and Crew (Staff) can be changed to GM? I'm not sure, shoot some ideas at me. We have no Moderators though, we literally have myself and Xanth as chairmen's and Seabs and Big Hoss as Crew.
  10. I can change up the userbars to make more text on them, I had an idea.
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  11. Instead of writing out General manager, you could just put GM as most Wrestling fans would know what that stands for.. Then the second best could be Crew, Then Vice President (or VP), and finally the Chairmen. Just some ideas, though.
  12. There's also a "Creative" group that only has Anonymous too, right?
  13. Impossible, I'm already named as the VP.. :pity:
  14. VP would be 2nd best behind Chairmen, then GM (Staff) and Mods (Crew). Sound good? :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. What about Sackfist? isn't he the moderator of the Federation X forum?
  16. Sure, since I'm VP, hook me up, G.
  17. Yeah, sounds great.
  18. Sounds sweet, indeed. :sweet:
  19. Dolph's Ziggler for VP!
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  20. :dafuq:
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